Chrisley Knows Best

Episode 204 "Confessions Of A Beauty Queen" Gif Recap

The Chrisleys are downsizing to a smaller house! Maybe Chase and Savannah will get the hint that it’s time to move on…

First Todd and Julie have to get through the move without going crazy, though.

Julie wants everyone to stop cursing so much.

Todd isn’t really taking it seriously.

At the same time, Savannah has a pageant to prepare for with her coach, Danita.

Todd doesn’t exactly enjoy Danita’s company.

And Savannah has a hard time taking her micro-managing coach seriously.

With the move on his mind, Todd vows to stay out of pageant prep.

But when the dresses come out, Todd has a tough time keeping his opinions to himself.

Now, instead of one control freak to deal with, Savannah has two.

Meanwhile, with the day of the move approaching, General Todd hands out marching orders to his troops.

But the rest of the family starts to get a little fed up with Todd’s lists

And it starts to look like the move may get the best of the Chrisleys…

Meanwhile, Savannah’s half assed approach to the pageant finally catches up to her when Danita quits.

But if Savannah thought she had it bad with Danita, wait until she meets her new pageant coach…