Todd's Take: Houseguest From Hell

Todd discusses houseguest no-nos and who his dream house visitor would be. Seems like you have a pretty hardline attitude towards houseguests.  Do you feel the same about staying at other people’s houses?
Todd Chrisley:  I don’t stay at other people’s houses. What’s the number one sin a houseguest can make in your eyes? 
Todd:  The number one sin a houseguest can make in my opinion is to rummage through the host family’s personal items. Ok, but if you had-had-had to have someone stay over, who would be your dream houseguest? 
Todd:  My dream houseguest would be Oprah! So, what exactly is it about Lee that gets under your skin so much?
Todd:  She is more high maintenance than I am. For all your complaints about Lee, you certainly seemed to have a good time harmonizing with her.  Why is this is the first time we’ve heard those golden pipes of yours?  Were you in the chorus in high school or part of the church choir?  What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?
Todd:  I only sing for my wife Julie and when I do sing it’s always something country.  I don’t sing in the shower. So last time we saw you and Will together you both seemed to be enjoying each other’s company while fantasizing about shooting each other in the head from a few yards away.  We take it there haven’t been any return trips to the firing range?
Todd: No, we’re currently at a standoff. It seems like you and Lindsie made a small amount of headway in hashing out your issues.  Are you bullish on the future of your relationship?
Todd:  I will always be bullish on my relationships with ALL of my children. How far did your heart drop when they told you that Lee was going to have to stay on for another few nights? 
Todd:  When Lee and Julie told me that she was going to stay for another few nights my heart dropped further than an elevator could take it. Which would you rather do, live with Lee for a weekend or endure another one of your children’s special spa days?
Todd:  I would rather have a colonoscopy.