Todd Chrisley's Take On The Season Premiere

Todd reacts to the biggest moments from the season premiere! How did it feel to have your first “senior moment”?

Todd: Well, you say senior moment and I say frustrated moment! What do you think about Tyler and Savannah being alone in the house together?

Todd: I don’t like any scenario where my girls are placed in a situation that could be misconstrued – but we love Tyler. You seem to have a sixth sense about when the kids are lying about something. What gives them away?

Todd: When their mouth is moving. Did you lie to your parents growing up? Do you think keeping things from your parents is a natural part of growing up?

Todd: Growing up I did lie to my parents, which is why I can catch mine when they lie! How did you know Grayson was going to spill the beans?

Todd: The past is always indicative of the future.