Savannah's Take: Another Fender Bender What was your first thought when you wrecked your car?  Were you worried you might be injured or did you immediately worry about how your parents would react?

Savannah Chrisley: The first thought that came to mind when I wrecked my car was "OH MY...MY DADS GOING TO KILL ME!! HE CANT FIND OUT!" I think I was in such shock that I wasn't even worried about being hurt...I was just worried about "the wrath of Todd." Which family member makes fun of your driving the most?  Do you think they’re being unfair or do you see where they are coming from? Is there one aspect of your driving that you agree could be better?

Savannah: People don't really make fun of my driving...they simply just say that I'm a terrible driver. My dad and chase are the main ones that say I'm a bad driver which I think is completely unfair! The reason for this is because they aren't great drivers either!! They just don't have bad luck like I do. Do you feel like your parents overreacted to the accident?

Savannah: In the moment I thought my parents overreacted when I wrecked my car but now looking back I think they handled it the right way. I could have seriously been hurt or hurt someone else so I thank my parents now for the punishment because it has taught me to pay more attention and be more aware when behind the wheel. Were you shocked by how much it cost to fix the car?  How long do you think it will take to pay it back?

Savannah: Shocked is an understatement when it comes to hearing how much it will cost to fix my car...when I heard almost 20k I wanted to pass out! And the fact that I have to pay to fix my car myself just makes me hate myself for wrecking the car! Lol! It'll definitely take me a few months to pay off fixing my car but it's live and learn! You definitely were not happy with your dad’s decision to take the car away.  How would you rather he had handled the situation?

Savannah: In a fantasy world I would have loved for my dad to just turn the other cheek and let me go on about my life. But now I'm grateful for the way that my parents handled the situation. How did you feel when you heard about your dad’s blood pressure problem?  Were you worried that the accident may have contributed to his issue?

Savannah: When hearing about my dads blood pressure I was definitely worried because we all could maybe make his life a little easier if we did what we were supposed to do. And yes the car wreck could have contributed a little bit but that's honestly the least of my dads worries! Lol! It sounds like the doctor is asking your dad to make some pretty big lifestyle adjustments.  Do you think he can handle it or will he resist making the changes?

Savannah: It's either Todd's way or the highway so at the end of the day my dads going to do what he wants to do. Lol! He'll wait to make the changes until he ABSOLUTELY has to last minute! What do you think is the best thing your dad can do for his health?

Savannah: Ideally the best thing that my dad could do for his health is to get rid of us but he hasn't gotten that lucky yet! Now that you’ve lost the car, what’s the thing about driving you are going to miss the most?

Savannah: I'm definitely going to miss being able to go wherever I want whenever I want. I'll also miss just jumping in, putting the top down, and turning the music up! We have to say, you looked like you were enjoying your time on two wheels.  Are you sure you don’t like the bike?  Which would be more embarrassing: riding your bike to school or having your mom drop you off in front of everyone?

Savannah: I definitely don't like biking but I have the make the best of every situation that I'm put in or else life would be miserable. But I would definitely prefer my mom drop me off at school, get out of the car, and kiss me instead of me riding a bike!!