Lindsie's Take on Todd and Father's Day

Father’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the contribution that a father or a father figure makes to shape their children’s lives. With Father’s Day being considered a modern holiday, different families have different traditions. Typically, Father’s Day allows time for children to express love, respect, and appreciation for their father. What have you guys done for your dad for other Fathers Days in the past?

Lindsie Chrisley: Our Family always waits until the last minute to plan something; I guess we take pleasure in being stressed. Everyone always has a different idea in mind, what else would you expect from a large family with strong opinions? You cannot get our dad anything because he already has everything! Generally, we take our dad out to eat for Father’s Day or we grill out at home! He LOVES to spend quality time with us! Does Father's Day feel different now that you have a child of your own?

Lindsie Chrisley: Now that I have a child of my own Father’s Day and Mother’s day feels so incredibly different! It now is a holiday that I too get to participate in as a parent and it is a good day to give thanks for everything that father’s/mother’s do throughout the year. I also think that it is special for my parents to be able to see their child be able to celebrate being a parent and things are SO much more relatable. Who is the best driver in the Chrisley family? The worst?

Lindsie Chrisley: The best driver in the Chrisley family is probably Nannie! She drives slow and follows all the traffic rules and regulations. After all she is like a driving manual! The worst driver in the Chrisley family would definitely be Savannah, with ZERO competition! How did you guys come up with the idea to go to the amusement park?

Lindsie Chrisley: Grayson came up with the great idea to take my dad to an amusement park! I loved this idea, he thought out of the box and decided on something that we normally wouldn’t do. Maybe the idea was something he personally wanted to do, but it’s the thought that counts right? It turned out to be a wonderful day, and whether our dad will admit it or not, he had a GREAT time! What was your favorite part of the day at the amusement park?

Lindsie Chrisley: My favorite part of the day at the amusement park would have been the go-carts. It is always fun to see everyone get so competitive over something that really has no effect on our lives! There is just something about when you get in a go-cart that makes you want to be the winning Chrisley. Out of all of us, Grayson cannot stand to lose. We all need to work on our sportsmanship! Does it surprise you at all that your dad threw Savannah in the pool?

Lindsie Chrisley: It did shock me that my dad threw Savannah in the pool! We were in public and she was wearing a white shirt, I thought he would have taken that into consideration! However, it was all in good fun and we had a blast at the amusement park! What happens when one of the kids actually beats your dad at something, does he freak out?

Lindsie Chrisley: My dad is a very sore loser! If someone beats him at something, we still didn’t beat him. You might as well let him win and be right about everything because you are going to lose anyway! In general we are all very competitive creatures! Why are winning games at an amusement park THAT serious?

“My ideal Father’s Day is peace and quite!” –Todd Chrisley