Julie's Take: Still Chrisley After All These Years

Julie speaks about her battle with breast cancer, party planning and, of course, life with Todd!


USA Network: Now that you’ve received the news that you are cancer free, has that changed things once again?
Julie Chrisley: I don't think it necessarily changes things but it is a another small victory in the "big picture". For every year you are cancer free, I think it just gives you hope that the cancer is gone forever. I am thankful for everyday that I am given and hope to make the most of each one.

USA Network: How did you end up getting involved with the Susan G. Komen foundation?
Julie Chrisley: Todd and I have been involved with the Susan G. Komen foundation for over 10 years. We have given wonderful Christmas parties in the past and they have always been to benefit the Komen foundation. Our affiliation with this organization was many years before my diagnosis.

USA Network: We thought you were the one who usually handled parties.  Who is more uptight about party planning, you or Todd?
Julie Chrisley: I have always handled the parties but of course Todd "oversees" them. He is way more uptight about the party planning but he's way more uptight about most things than I am. I know things usually work out and if they don't, It's ok....

USA Network: When it comes to parties, how does your taste differ from Todd’s?
Julie Chrisley: I am much more casual than Todd when it comes to the parties. My parties are always nice but to me nice doesn't have to mean fancy. Most importantly, I want my guests to have fun and be comfortable.

USA Network: When you and Todd butt heads on things like this, who usually comes out on top?
Julie Chrisley: When Todd and I butt heads there is usually a compromise that we both can agree on. I believe that is why our marriage has been and continues to be a success. I have also said many times that Todd has to believe he has gotten his way and I let him think that.

USA Network: What were your first thoughts when you learned Faye had screwed up the dates?  It seemed like you were keeping a cool head, whereas Todd was going to fly off the handle.  Who is better in a crisis, you or Todd?
Julie Chrisley: There is usually always some sort of hiccup in our life. I do try to remain calm because if both of us reacted the same way, can you imagine the crazy that would be???

USA Network: Despite the hiccup, you guys pulled it off!  What would you say was the most memorable part of the evening?
Julie Chrisley: The evening turned out great! I have so many great memories from that night. Todd's speech was absolutely beautiful. The music was great. Having all of our friends there. But most importantly, we raised money for a wonderful cause.

USA Network: You and Todd looked very happy on the dance floor.  Back when you got married, did you have any idea that this would be your life now?  What do you see for the next twenty years of your marriage? In the end, was it worth it all?
Julie Chrisley: Twenty years ago I never dreamed my life was be this blessed. We have 5 children and 2 grandchildren and many wonderful friends and family. I look forward to the next twenty and I can't imagine it with anyone other than Todd.