Julie Talks Family And Leaving Home

USANetwork.com: How does it feel to say goodbye to your old house?
Julie Chrisley: Saying goodbye to the old house was bitter sweet. We had been there for almost 10 years. This is where my kids have "grown up" and where Grayson was brought home.

USANetwork.com: What are some of your favorite memories from your old house?
Julie: I have many sweet memories from the old house. Of course, this is where we brought Grayson home to. Also, Christmas is my favorite holiday and we have had many great holidays in the house.

USANetwork.com: What are you most excited for in this new house?
Julie: I am excited about moving to the new house because it is a new beginning for our family. It is a chance to make new memories and start new traditions.

USANetwork.com: Did you actually purge your closet when you moved? Did Todd?
Julie: Todd and I both purged our closets during the move. If I hadn't worn it in a year, it didn't go to the new house. My closet was the last thing that I moved so I also think I was just very tired. Who knows what I actually took to GoodWill?

USANetwork.com: Who was the most productive family member on moving day?
Julie: I have to say that everyone worked extremely hard on moving day. I even had Grayson and Chloe working. That move required everyone. I had my parents there to help as well.

USANetwork.com: How did Savannah get into pageants? Has her participating in pageants been a good experience for her?
Julie: Savannah was introduced to the "pageant world" through our make up artist and photographer, Mary Jane. She made the introduction to Danita, the pageant coach. Savannah has never had a bad experience participating in pageants. She has met some wonderful girls and she is still friends with them today. I have to give credit to Danita for making sure that Savannah was as prepared as possible.

USANetwork.com: How does it feel to see Savannah compete in the pageants?
Julie: Seeing Savannah compete in these pageants make a mom very proud. I love to see her grow and develop into a confident and beautiful young woman. I was most proud of Savannah after hearing how she treated the other girls and what a positive outlook she had.

USANetwork.com: How much ended up in the swear jar? Did the swear jar cure the family of swearing?
Julie: THE SWEAR JAR..... Now this is a battle that I'm not sure I am winning. The amount of money in the swear jar topped $100 during the move. I think it definitely made us all much more aware of our language.