Grayson's Take: Going Camping

Grayson talks camping, and the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best. Were you excited to go camping with your dad and your brother? 
Grayson CHrisley: Yes, because this was my first camping trip. What was the best part of your trip? 
Grayson: Eating hot dogs that I cooked on the fire. What was the worst part of your trip?  
Grayson: Going on the canoe. How did you like riding in the RV?  
Grayson: It was lots of fun because it was a house on wheels basically. How did you feel when they told you that Jason lived in the lake?  
Grayson: It scared the crap out of me! Did you think that was a good prank?  
Grayson: NO!! They're evil!! Do you have any pranks that you want to play on your dad and brother?  
Grayson: YES!! I have MANY MANY pranks in my bag!! You know what they say about paybacks! ;)