Chase's Take: Hard Work How did you feel about your dad sending you to work?  Do you feel like he was being reasonable?  Who is better with money, you or Savannah?

Chase Chrisley: I think my dad was being very reasonable, I probably would have done the same thing he did. I am definitely better with money then savannah is. She spends every dollar she gets and doesn't save or invest any. Did your parents ever talk about jobs they had when they were your age?

Chase: Yes. Both of my parents talked about it. My mom worked at a bank when she was younger and my dad was a waiter for one day until someone was rude and yelled at him and then he poured a pitcher of water on them. What’s your idea of the best job ever?

Chase: My idea of the most enjoyable job would either be a singer or a professional athlete. It seemed like you were warming up to the caddying job...until you got fired.  What do you think you could have done better?

Chase: I think I was doing a good job, I just think if my dad and grandpa hadn't come out there then I would still have a job. Your father says that Savannah works hard, while you work hard at not working.  Do you agree with your dad's assessment or do you think he has a point?

Chase: No, I don't agree. Savannah doesn't work half as hard as me. My dad doesn't know what he's talking about. What do you think would be the best job for Savannah?

Chase: Marry rich. What was your first thought when you heard that your dad was going to take you and your sister to a farm?

Chase: I didn't want to go because that's completely out of my element. Have your feelings on eggs changed?

Chase: Nope In the end, do you feel like your dad succeeded in teaching you the value of a dollar, or did his plan backfire?

Chase: Yes. I realize how hard it is to make a dollar.