Chase's 18th Birthday How did this birthday stack up to your birthdays of the past?

Chase Chrisley: Honestly my 18th birthday didn’t really go as I planned. With that being said it was a good night and I am happy that I had my family and friends around me. Now that you’re 18, have you been granted any new freedoms? What’s the best and worst part about officially being an adult? 

Chase: Now that I am 18 I have gained more freedoms because legally I can do what I want but I try to be as respectful as possible! But with my dad that becomes difficult. The best part about being an adult is being able to really do anything you want, but once I start doing that then I have to start paying bills, which is awful. How did you feel when your dad busted out the sex pamphlets?  After 18 years, do you ever get used to this stuff? 

Chase: When my dad busted out the sex pamphlets I was embarrassed just like anyone else would be, but I should have known he would have something up his sleeve. I have gotten use to this stuff because it seems like whenever he gets a chance to embarrass me he does. So, you’re not much of a golfer.  What would you say our sport is?

Chase: Honestly I really am decent at golf I just had an off day. But my sport has always been baseball. How did it feel to get that selfie from Savannah coming from Tyler’s number? 

Chase: I was mad at first, but I knew that savannah was just trying to make me mad! Can you see a situation in the future where you would feel ok with one of your friends dating your sister, or is that a no-go forever?

Chase: My sister won’t date any of my friends until we are at least out of college. It just compromises the friendship. What kind of guy do you think is right for Savannah?

Chase: I don’t think Savannah should date anyone until she is older. Did you really think living with your grandmother would work, or were you just bluffing until your parents gave in?

Chase: I didn’t think it would work. I was hoping my parents would cave in but of course they didn’t. What was the item on Faye’s list that made you the most uncomfortable? 

Chase: Honestly I don’t even know what some of that stuff was but I really felt uncomfortable buying all of it. What was the thing that made you give up and go back home? 

Chase: Looking back now, do you wish you had made your stand at someone else’s house? When my grandma left me to babysit I realized I had made a mistake going to her house. I wish I would have gone to my grandpas house.