S4 EP26
A Very Grisly Chrisley
Aired on 11/01/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
The Chrisleys enter a Halloween decorating contest, but when Todd gets too competitive, Julie loses her patience. Lindsie opens up to the family about her relationship with Will.
S4 EP25
The House That Todd Built
Aired on 11/01/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Determined to teach his children to give back to the community, Todd signs the family up with a local charity. Grayson's school project leads to a rift between Todd and Faye over their heritage.
S4 EP24
Rent Controlled
Aired on 10/25/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Savannah decides to buy a home but when Todd offers to help out, she realizes there are too many strings attached. Grayson monthly phone bill gets him in hot water with Todd.
S4 EP23
Truth or Chair
Aired on 10/18/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd moves his mother to Nashville, but her belongings very quickly take over his pristine home. Chase catches wind of his father’s penchant for lying and has him take a lie detector test.
S4 EP22
Pretty in Print
Aired on 10/11/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Things get ugly when Todd and Savannah are both chosen to be part of a magazine's 25 Most Beautiful People of Nashville issue. Meanwhile, Julie helps Chase prepare for his real estate exam.
S4 EP21
Crowning Around
Aired on 10/11/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
The Chrisley family is in Las Vegas to support Savannah in the Miss Teen USA Beauty Pageant. Meanwhile, Chase is tasked with keeping tabs on notorious gambler Nanny Faye in Sin City.
S4 EP20
Message In A Bottle Rocket
Aired on 10/04/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd invites the family to a rustic resort for the Fourth of July. Todd starts to scheme when his outdoor skills are mocked. Chase and Parker sneak off and become the source of major fireworks.
S4 EP19
Go Flip Yourself
Aired on 09/27/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd is forced to the rescue when Chase and Parker take on an house-flipping project. When Todd's childhood friend and prankster-in-crime Bill comes to visit, Julie seeks solace with Savannah.
S4 EP18
Review And Renew
Aired on 09/20/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd and the kids film a commercial to promote the Juice Bar, but problems arise when Todd makes himself director. Julie and BFF Lea look into getting a vaginal rejuvenation procedure done.
S4 EP17
You Can't Handle The Truce
Aired on 09/13/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
After two years without talking, Julie and Lindsie say it's time for Todd to make amends with his son-in-law Will. Grayson turns to Savannah for dating advice when he has his first crush.
S4 EP16
Colon All Cards
Aired on 09/06/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd sets an appointment for Julie's colonoscopy but runs into trouble when she forces him to get one too. Faye’s gambling gets out of hand and Lindsie takes drastic measures to get her to quit.
S4 EP15
Todd's Not Dead
Aired on 08/30/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd faces up to his own mortality... by making the entire family plan his funeral. Savannah drops the ball on her pageant queen duties, she has to get her hands dirty by working in a dog shelter.
S4 EP14
Don't Kale Yourself
Aired on 08/23/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Against Julie's wishes, Todd brings the family on their 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii. Savannah and Lindsie are charged with watching Nanny Faye, they get more than they bargained for.
S4 EP13
Hawaii Love You So
Aired on 08/23/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Against Julie's wishes, Todd brings the family on their 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii. Savannah and Lindsie are charged with watching Nanny Faye, they get more than they bargained for.
S4 EP12
Todd Goes Country
Aired on 06/14/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
While Todd works on a special song for Julie's birthday, he tricks her into planning her own surprise party. But when Julie threatens to cancel Todd's is forced to ask Savannah for help.
S4 EP11
Goat Farm Yourself
Aired on 06/07/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd sends Chase and Savannah to a goat farm to learn the value of hard work. But things go array when the siblings let their petty bickering get in the way.
S4 EP10
Family Matters
Aired on 05/31/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
When Todd takes the juice bar employees on a team-building excursion Savannah and Chase get into a disagreement. And when Faye has a health scare, the Chrisley’s are forced to come together.
S4 EP9
Chase In Charge
Aired on 05/24/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd and Julie head to LA for Julie’s liposuction procedure leaving Chase in charge. But when Chase abuses his newfound authority, Todd must return home early to put a stop to Chases’ antics.
S4 EP8
Smoothie Operator
Aired on 05/17/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
The family prepares for the Grand Opening of their newly purchased juice bar, but Chase can't take the job seriously. Back at the house, Faye tries to collect on a bet she made with Grayson.
S4 EP7
Too Close For Comfort
Aired on 05/10/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As the Chrisleys settle into their new Nashville home, Todd begins to encroach upon Savannah's independence. Meanwhile, Grayson takes up wrestling and challenges Chase to a match.
S4 EP6
Moving On
Aired on 04/12/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
In an effort to cheer up Grayson, Savannah organizes a farewell weekend for Grayson and friends. Meanwhile, Chase teams up with BFF Parker for an unexpected get-rich-quick scheme.
S4 EP5
Runaway Faye
Aired on 04/05/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd discovers that Faye has injured her foot on yet another gambling adventure and insists she recover at his house. Meanwhile, Julie pushes a reluctant Grayson to take piano lessons.
S4 EP4
Lights, Camera, Chase
Aired on 03/29/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
When Chase scores an internship at a local television station, he is forced to deal with some difficult talent, Todd Chrisley. And, looking for a new hobby, Faye and Julie learn Italian.
S4 EP2
The Wrath of Todd
Aired on 03/15/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
When Chase asserts his independence by getting a tattoo of a Bible verse, Todd tries everything in his power to entice Chase to remove it. Meanwhile, Savannah is failing her college Bible class.
S4 EP3
Todd Unleashed
Aired on 03/22/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Savannah sneaks a puppy into the house when she comes home for Jackson's third birthday. Meanwhile, Chase offers his father an investment opportunity.
S4 EP1
Crowning Achievements
Aired on 03/08/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Disappointed that he missed Savannah being crowned Miss Tennessee Teen USA, Todd plans a party to celebrate. Tension builds when it becomes clear the party is more for Todd than Savannah.