S2 EP13
A Very Chrisley Christmas
Aired on 12/17/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

The Chrisley Family celebrates the holiday season gathered around the tree taking a look at some never-before-seen footage from Season Two.

S2 EP12
Still Chrisley After All These Years
Aired on 12/16/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

Julie and Todd decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by throwing a charity event to raise money for breast cancer.

S2 EP11
The Houseguest From Hell
Aired on 12/09/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

Todd Chrisley loves being the king of his castle, but his home life is turned upside down when Julie’s pregnant and very demanding, friend comes over to stay a few days.

S2 EP10
Marriage Redux
Aired on 12/02/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

S2 EP9
The Great Outdoors
Aired on 11/25/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

Todd and Chase are forced to experience the great outdoors when Grayson insists going camping.

S2 EP8
Workin' For A Livin'
Aired on 11/18/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

After Todd unknowingly foots the bill for an extravagant lunch, he wants Chase and Savannah to learn that money doesn't grow on trees.

S2 EP7
California Chrisleys
Aired on 11/11/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
The Chrisley's head to LA for their regular Beverly Hills haircuts - and for what Todd hopes will be a relaxing family vacation. But his plans are threatened by new levels of Chrisley craziness.
S2 EP6
Anger Management
Aired on 11/04/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd blames his family for his stress when his doctor tells him that he has high blood pressure. When Savannah gives Todd more bad news, things only get worse.
S2 EP5
Chase Turns 18
Aired on 10/28/2014
Available until 04/15/2021

After 18 years of counting down the days, Chase is finally 18! When he tells Todd that he will no longer follow the house rules, Todd decides it's time to give his son a dose of reality.

S2 EP4
Confessions Of A Beauty Queen
Aired on 10/21/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
With Savannah and Chase leaving in the next few years, Todd and Julie decide to downsize. When the move begins, Todd's controlling ways increase, driving the family to a new level of crazy.
S2 EP3
Father's Day
Aired on 10/21/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
It's Father's Day and the Chrisley kids plan a perfect day for Todd, but their bright idea of going to an amusement park soon backfires as their day of fun turns into an all-out competition.
S2 EP2
Misadventures In Babysitting
Aired on 10/14/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Todd and Julie leave their teenage children, Chase and Savannah, at home to watch 8-year-old Grayson overnight for the first time.
S2 EP1
Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
Aired on 10/14/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
When Julie decides to goes back to work, Todd must transform into "Mr. Mom" and take over some of the household duties. Also, Savannah pleads her case to go out with a heartthrob musician.