S1 EP8
Hey Chloe, It's Your Birthday!
Aired on 04/22/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
With Chloe’s birthday only three days away, Todd is flabbergasted to learn that Julie has no big plans for the occasion. Todd takes it on himself to plan the lavish party that he wants for his grandchild, but seeing his wife’s skepticism prompts him to wager a new piece of jewelry that the party will come off without a hitch…and he won’t even use a party planner.
S1 EP7
Date Night
Aired on 04/15/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
The Chrisley kids plan a special surprise day for their parents to get away from it all, but the idea of their children calling the shots puts Todd and Julie on edge.
S1 EP6
Big Apple Blowup
Aired on 04/08/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Talk of Julie’s recent breast cancer scare has the Chrisley matriarch contemplating her well-being. But making healthy choices for the future isn’t easy when you have candy and potato chips on hand in the present.
S1 EP5
Aired on 04/01/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
With Faye’s 69th birthday on the horizon, the Chrisleys pile into their cars and head down to the family lake house in South Carolina. Hoping to inspire some quality family bonding time, Todd declares the weekend to be “device-free.” But the kids aren’t exactly receptive to the idea of two whole days without their phones and iPads, and they aren’t going down without a fight.
S1 EP4
Two Men and a Baby
Aired on 03/25/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
The Chrisleys get ready to welcome a new member of the family when Todd and Julie are awarded partial custody of Kyle’s infant daughter Chloe. But while Kyle is overjoyed to be back in his little girl’s life, Todd still has a lot to teach him about being a daddy.
S1 EP3
Jugs and Ammo
Aired on 03/18/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
As Lindsie prepares to undergo breast augmentation surgery, Savannah trains to walk in her first runway show for a local designer. Of course, Todd has certain expectations for how his youngest daughter is going to present herself, and you can bet he’s not a fan of the short hemlines on display at the show.
S1 EP2
Not So Sweet Sixteen
Aired on 03/11/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
It’s the eve of Savannah’s sweet sixteen party and Todd is struggling to adjust to the idea that his little girl is growing up. As Todd and Savannah clash over what she is going to wear to the party, Savannah tries to explain to her father that it’s not the 1900’s anymore.
S1 EP1
Patriarch of Perfection
Aired on 03/11/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
With a 30,000 square foot mansion north of Atlanta and everything that money can buy, the Chrisleys seemingly live a picture-perfect life. Having made millions in real estate, self-professed “Patriarch of Perfection” Todd has now set his sights on creating a high-end department store, Chrisley and Co., to fulfill his dream of working in fashion. But despite Todd’s ambitions, and his attempts to run his family with an iron fist, perfection isn’t easy when you have five kids to take care of.