Chrisley Season 8 episodes

S8 EP10
Snitchy Bitchy
Aired on 09/03/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Todd is overly excited by Savannah and Nic "hanging out." Chase helps Nanny decorate her golf cart.
S8 EP9
Let's Talk About Sex, Grayson
Aired on 08/27/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Grayson's odd behavior sends Julie spinning. Meanwhile, Nanny gets involved in a pyramid scheme.
S8 EP8
Everlasting Todd
Aired on 08/20/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Todd fixates on living forever while Chase and Savannah scheme to get Chloe a pet for her birthday.
S8 EP7
Hot Meals and Dirty Deals
Aired on 08/13/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Savannah meddles with Julie's Thanksgiving traditions; Nanny hits the mall for Black Friday sales.
S8 EP6
Lice, Lice Baby
Aired on 08/13/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Faye joins an acapella group while Todd goes overboard protecting Chloe from lice.
S8 EP5
Wrong Side of 40
Aired on 08/06/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Julie gets a makeover to feel young again. Nanny's new CB radio relationship makes Todd uncomfortable.
S8 EP4
Aired on 07/30/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Todd clashes with his father-in-law over plans for Julie's birthday. Faye gives Chloe a cell phone.
S8 EP3
Roller Skates and Senior Dates
Aired on 07/23/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Savannah tries to teach Chloe how to roller skate while Faye and Chase help Frances find a man.
S8 EP2
Badminton to the Bone
Aired on 07/16/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Todd is jealous of Julie’s badminton instructor. Grayson sneaks out to go to an unsupervised party.
S8 EP1
Grandma Theft Auto
Aired on 07/09/2020
Available until 07/09/2021
Savannah deals with a big secret. Todd teaches Faye a lesson when she demands he buy her a new car.