Good Faye Hunting
S7 episode 9 Aired on July 16, 2019

Faye and Frances plan to shoot a turkey for Thanksgiving, much to Todd’s dismay. Meanwhile, Grayson goes out for the debate team. We’ve got the full scoop in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 709, “Good Faye Hunting.”


Thanksgiving is coming, and Faye and Frances want to shoot their own turkey this year. Todd thinks they are out of their minds; if the two of them go into the woods with a loaded gun, one of them probably isn’t coming out! Faye drafts Chase into the hunt, and while Chase is against the whole idea, he just can’t say no to his ride or die. Chase and his friend Elliott help Faye and Francis practice their Turkey calls, but Todd walks in and tells them in no uncertain terms that they better not go hunting. Think they’ll listen?


Grayson is trying out for the debate team! Todd thinks it’s a natural fit; Grayson has Chrisley DNA, so arguing is in his blood. Todd decides to school his boy in the finer points of debate, but Grayson doesn’t learn much from watching Todd and Savannah argue Prada versus Gucci. If Grayson wants to be ready for tryouts, he’s going to have to handle this himself. Grayson takes his time to craft a solid argument, but when he practices with his parents he finds that something is off in his delivery, and he starts to get discouraged.


After a round of skeet shooting (which goes better than expected!), Elliott, Faye and Frances head into the woods in their finest camo. While Faye And Frances send out the call, Chase takes aim at a big fat gobbler and fires. It’s a miss! Faye has a sneaking suspicion that Chase missed on purpose (he really doesn’t like the idea of killing an animal), but it turns out that Todd switched all their bullets for blanks! So much for bagging a bird. Faye and Chase wind up feeling like a couple of prize turkeys, but at least no one got hurt!


Realizing her boy is going through a bout of low confidence, Julie takes Gray to the batting cages to get him out of his head. After a few swings, Gray gets into a groove and his confidence returns. Julie tells Grayson to treat the debate tryouts the same way. The day of the tryouts arrives and though Gray is still nervous, once he gets in his groove his confidence comes flooding back in and he crushes it. It’s no surprise that Grayson makes the team. Way to go, Gray!

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