Faye's Got Talent
S7 episode 8 Aired on July 9, 2019

Faye wants to strut her stuff on the talent show stage, but finding a talent ain’t easy! Meanwhile, Savannah tries to learn French to get closer to Nic. It’s all here in our rundown of Chrisley Knows Best Episode 708, “Faye’s Got Talent.” 


Savannah’s long distance relationship with Nic has her feeling all kinds of frustrated - they never seem to find time to connect! Maybe if Savannah learns to speak French (Nic’s bilingual, y’all) it will bring them closer together? It’s worth a shot! Flash cards turn out to be a dead end, so Julie sets up an immersion experience with the owners of a local French cafe. Savannah is optimistic, but after a full day of shadowing the owners’ daughter she isn’t any closer to speaking French and feeling twice as frustrated. 


Faye wants to perform in her senior club talent show; apparently, it’s always been Faye’s dream to light up the stage. The question is, what is Faye’s talent? Chase quickly rules out singing, and after an afternoon studying knife tricks at a hibachi restaurant they rule out cooking, too. Magic doesn’t pan out either - coming up with a talent is hard! To make matters worse, Todd rains all over his mama’s talent parade, leading Faye to throw in the towel. Chase reprimands his dad for coming down on Faye’s dream, so Todd encourages her to give it another shot and recommends she give comedy a try. 


Todd and Julie are surprised that Savannah is getting so worked up about learning French - until Savannah lets it drop that she kind of feels like Nic is the one. Like, THE ONE. Whoa! Todd and Julie suggest that if Savannah is missing a connection with Nic, the best thing she can do is just talk to him about it. Savannah takes their advice and talks out her frustration with Nic, and they promise to make more time for each other - long distance may be hard, but they’ll do their best to make it work!


The night of the talent show arrives and the competition is stiff. These are some seriously talented seniors! The family isn’t so sure Faye is up to the competition; that is, until Faye takes the stage with her ventriloquist dummy, Little Todd. Faye launches into her act, mining her years raising Todd for comedy gold! The family loves it, and even Todd gives it up to his mama. Everyone else must have to loved it too, because Faye takes home third place. Way to go, Faye!