Down On The Farm
S7 episode 6 Aired on June 25, 2019

Todd and Julie go to California to help Savannah with her new duties as the event director of the Miss California USA pageant, but Todd has trouble taking orders from his daughter. Meanwhile, Faye makes a wager with Chase and Grayson that they can’t handle a hard day’s work. Get the full scoop in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 706, “Down on the Farm.”

Savannah Has a Headache Named Todd

Savannah is heading west for her debut as Miss California USA event director, and Todd and Julie are tagging along for support -- Todd just knows Savannah will need his expertise at some point. Sassy is on her game, though, and Todd becomes more of a hinderance than a help when he jockeys with Savannah for attention (and control) rather than complete the simple tasks that Savannah needs him to do. It doesn’t take long for Savannah to grow tired of her dad’s interference, and she’s forced to send Todd on an errand run and task Julie with babysitting him so she can get some actual work done.

Faye Puts Chase and Grayson to Work

Grayson and Chase are getting tired of hearing Nanny Faye talk about how tough her childhood was compared to theirs. Faye bets them that they couldn’t make it one week working the way she did as a kid. The boys think they’re about to come into some easy money, but after one day of mopping floors, walking dogs, pushing wheelbarrows, and spreading mulch, Grayson is already throwing in the towel. Chase tries to hang tough -- until his clothes get dirty. But he’s still tired of hearing all of Nanny’s talk, so he flips the script and proposes a double-or-nothing wager that Faye can’t actually handle a day on the farm the way she says she can. It’s on, y’all.

Todd Comes Around

Todd whines about his skills not being utilized, but a talk with Julie cuts to the true heart of the matter; Todd is worried that Savannah doesn’t need him anymore, and he can’t handle it. Julie reassures Todd that his daughter will always need him, but he needs to let Savannah do her thing. Todd returns to tell Savannah how proud he is of her, and to finally offer whatever help she needs. Not surprisingly, the event is a hit. Go Sassy!

Faye Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

Chase makes an agreement with a local farm looking for a hired hand for a day, and Faye hops to it. The boys think they’re finally going to expose all of Nanny’s boasting as hot country air, but it doesn’t take Faye too long to feed the hogs and milk the cow. And after they watch Faye catch a chicken, Chase and Grayson realize two things. One, they’re about to be out 400 bucks a piece. And two, they’re never, ever going to hear the end of this.