Different Strokes
S7 episode 4 Aired on June 11, 2019

Todd stresses when Grayson starts making noise that he’s too old to hang with his dad. Come on Gray, Todd’s still cool! Meanwhile, Chase tries to teach his Nanny how to swim. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 704, “Different Strokes.” 

Gray Is Growing Up

It’s finally happening: Grayson is getting too old to hang with his dad! Grayson is totally embarrassed when Todd plays chaperone on a trip to the movies, and Todd begins to get suspicious that Grayson is keeping secrets from him (why ELSE would Grayson not want to hang with a cool guy like Todd?). Todd can’t stand to be out of the loop, so he takes Grayson shopping in the hope that retail therapy will get his son to open up. But the more Todd tries to get close, the more Gray pulls away. Todd turns to his momma for advice on the Grayson sitch, but all Faye can tell Todd is to be patient; if Grayson has something he wants to talk about, he’ll eventually open up. Sitting back has never been Todd’s strong suit, but in this case, it seems like he has no choice.

Faye Learns to Swim

Nanny Faye wants to learn to swim, and Chase promises to teach her -- he’ll have her swimming like Michael Phelps in no time. That sounds good to Faye since she loves her some Michael Phelps! But Faye winds up waterlogged after their first lesson, and she starts to think swimming might not be in her cards. Chase won’t let his Nanny give up though, so he hires her a real instructor who also happens to be easy on the eyes. Faye likes what she sees and she winds up enjoying the lesson… maybe a little too much! But hey, at least she’s learning.

Todd’s Waiting Game

Todd hangs back and lets Grayson come to him, and even though it’s torture for Todd, it eventually pays off: Grayson soon reveals that he’s got a girlfriend! Grayson wants to take his girl on a date, and Todd loves the idea -- as long as he can chaperone. Grayson is uncomfortable at the idea of bringing his dad on a date, but it seems he doesn’t have a choice, and he and his date end up bonding over embarrassing parents, so… silver lining? Todd learns that giving his kids space can pay big dividends in their relationship, and Grayson learns that -- no matter how old you are -- you’re never too old to feel mortified by your dad.