Faye Talk Pretty One Day
S7 episode 3 Aired on June 4, 2019

Faye goes to great lengths to ditch her southern drawl in time to MC an awards ceremony. Meanwhile, Todd’s micro-managing starts to suck the fun out of Chloe’s daddy-daughter dance. It's all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 703, “Faye Talk Pretty One Day.” 

Faye’s Tongue Troubles

Grayson’s basketball team drafts Nanny Faye to be the MC at their upcoming awards ceremony. But while no one doubts Faye’s love for the team, Todd is worried that his mama’s diction may be too…well…southern for anyone to understand. Faye practices a few tricky twisters to get her tongue right, but Chase thinks more drastic measures are necessary. Chase hires a diction coach to help soften up Faye’s hard twang, but it soon becomes clear that his Nanny may be beyond professional help.

Dance Disaster

Chloe invites Todd to be her date to the daddy-daughter dance at school, and Todd wants to make sure Chloe has the perfect night. Unfortunately, “the perfect night” in Todd-speak means micro-managing Chloe’s wardrobe choices and then dragging her to a dance lesson to practice a complicated routine that leaves her head spinning. Pretty soon, Chloe’s getting too stressed to even think about two-stepping; aren’t dances supposed to be fun? Luckily, Julie steps in to let Todd know that he’s ruining the moment, and after coming to his senses, Todd apologizes to Chloe for making the dance all about him when it should be all about her. Todd promises to throw perfect out the window and just have fun.

Todd and Faye Come Through

The day of Grayson’s ceremony arrives, and Faye is feeling the pressure. Things look rough for a second when she gets tripped up by her prepared speech, but once she ditches the script and speaks from the heart it’s a slam dunk. Hurray, Faye! Meanwhile, Todd and Chloe are dressed to impress and ready to take the daddy-daughter dance by storm, but there’s a problem: no one is dancing! Todd takes matters into his own hands and starts a conga line that kicks the party off right, and pretty soon everyone is on the floor. Looks like you gave Chloe the perfect night after all, Todd!