Three Men and a Chloe
S7 episode 26 Aired on November 21, 2019

With turkey day around the corner it’s almost time for a holiday break. But before you strap on some sweat pants and start piling on the mashed potatoes, dig into one last helping of your favorite family. This week, Nic gets a taste of his future when he’s forced to share a hotel room with Todd on a bonding trip. Meanwhile, Chase babysits Chloe and Grayson in order to prove to his parents that he’s trustworthy - bet that’s gonna go great! For all the details, check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 726, “THREE MEN AND A CHLOE.”


Todd thinks Nic needs to make more of an effort to get to know the him and Julie before he marries their daughter, so Julie suggests that the four of them go away for a weekend to spend some quality time (Faye likes the sound of a weekend away and invites herself along, too). Savannah thinks it’s a great idea and a great opportunity for Nic and her dad to get closer, but she wonders if Nic is really ready to spend a whole weekend with Todd, especially when Todd pulls a very “him” move and cancels Nic and Savannah’s plans to share a room - this weekend, Nic and Todd are going to be roomies. 


With their weekend plans squared away, Julie realizes she needs to find a babysitter for Grayson and Chloe (even though Grayson claims he doesn’t need a sitter anymore). Chase volunteers for the job, but Julie has her doubts based on his past performance, and frankly she’s a little suspicious of his motives. But Chase swears his intentions are pure and Julie decides to give him the benefit of the doubt, and lays out everything he needs to get done, including taking Chloe to her gymnastics showcase. Chase tells Julie there’s nothing to worry about - he’s got this.


Nic quickly learns that bunking with Todd is no picnic - he’s subjected to a crash course in proper moisturizing, forced to listen to the sounds of the reality TV while he’s trying to sleep, and continually woken up by Todd’s beauty alarm. The next day, Nic wants to go hiking but Todd pulls rank and says they’re spending the day at the spa. Julie steps in and tells Todd that if the weekend is about getting to know one another then he can’t make it all about him; Todd can have his spa day today, but tomorrow, Nic gets to call the shots.


Intent on proving he’s trustworthy, Chase puts his babysitting game face on and invites Rondell over for back up. Unfortunately, Rondell is more of a hinderance than a help - Chase cooks a nice healthy meal for the kids but Rondell ruins it by ordering pizza, then gets the kids all hopped up on ice cream while Chase is trying to put them to bed. Julie calls in for check up while Chloe and Grayson are bouncing off the walls, leading her to worry that she made a mistake by leaving Chase in charge. 


Day two arrives, and Todd gets his own rude awakening when he learns that Nic has them booked on a white water rafting expedition. Todd thinks nature should be appreciated from afar but he agreed to let Nic pick the activity so he can’t back out, and after paddling down the river and getting some good healthy screams of terror out of his system Todd actually starts to settle in and enjoy the ride. Even he has to admit he had a pretty good time! He felt like he almost died, but still, a pretty good time… 


Determined to overcome his rough start, Chase resets the next day and helps Chloe bedazzle her gymnastics leotard. He also watches a make-up tutorial to help Chloe get the look she wants (and uses Rondell’s face for practice to get the look juuuust right). The day of the showcase brings a bout of nerves for Chloe, so Chase steps in to help her get over her butterflies and get her pumped up. Chloe performs like a champ, and Chase is proud. Todd and Julie can barely believe it when the arrive home to hear the good job Chase has done. Chase is wiped, but he’s proud of himself and gives props to Rondell and Grayson for their help.