Fish Guts and Glory
S7 episode 24 Aired on November 14, 2019

Faye promises to take Grayson on a fishing trip, but Chase suspects that Faye doesn’t actually know anything about fishing. Meanwhile, Nic’s insistence on building his fledgling real estate career on his own terms leads to friction with Savannah. Check out all the details in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 724, “FISH GUTS AND GLORY.”


The Chrisleys treat Nic to a celebratory lunch after he gets his real estate license - it’s only been a matter of weeks and he’s already making moves. Everybody is proud of Nic, even Todd, who knows how hard it is for a young guy who’s about to start a family. As a show of faith, Todd offers Nic the listing on one of his investment properties. But while Nic is grateful for the opportunity, he politely declines - as he tells Todd, he wants to make it on his own. Savannah thinks he’s crazy to turn down such a lucrative listing - who cares what the haters say? - but Todd respects his position.


Grayson’s got a hankering to go fishing, and since won’t Todd won’t take him, Faye offers her services - after all, Faye is an expert fisherman. At least, that’s what she claims, although Todd is dubious. Chase doesn’t much want to go, but Faye doesn’t really give him any choice in the matter, and soon the three of them are cruising the lake with dreams of a big catch in their heads. But Faye’s fishing advice turns out to be pretty vague and unhelpful, and after a day spent without a bite (while Faye just lounges on the deck), Chase starts to suspect that his Nanny doesn’t know a thing about catching fish.


Frustrated that Nic turned down Todd’s offer, Savannah seeks advice from Julie and Faye, who tell her that sometimes men need a little nudge to get going in the right direction. Savannah thinks that if a little nudge is good then a big nudge will be even better, so she buys a massive billboard featuring Nic’s face, with the question “Who is Nic Kerdiles?” in big bold letters next to it. Savannah thinks the billboard will level-up Nic’s real estate career quickly, but the whole thing is kind of a head scratcher to Nic (why not list his phone number, at least?). Plus, he’s not happy that Savannah made this move without talking to him. Savannah accuses Nic of being ungrateful and storms off. 


Chase decides to expose Faye for the fishing fraud she is, so he brings some store bought fish to her house and asks her to teach them how to clean and cook them. No problemo says Faye, but after a minute spent staring at the dead fish on her counter, she finally comes clean - she hates fishing! LIAR!!!!!!! Chase and Grayson want to know why Faye concocted this fish expert story, but they forgive her when she tells them she did it just to spend some time with her grandsons. Chase tells her that if she wants to hang, all she has to do is ask.


Savannah goes hunting for advice yet again, and Todd tells Savannah that Julie doesn’t know men quite as well as she thinks she does - the billboard was actually a nice gesture, but he understands why Nic’s pride is hurt by Savannah’s nudge. Todd does agree that Nic should think twice about passing on the listing opportunity, though, and he offers to go smooth things over with Nic in the hopes of getting him to reconsider. Todd pays a visit to Nic at the office, and after making it clear that his offer isn’t a hand out - Todd’s going to make Nic work just as much as any other agent - Nic decides to accept.

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