Vote for Chrisley
S7 episode 23 Aired on November 7, 2019

Forget politics as usual - we’ve got a candidate that everyone can agree on! This week, Faye runs for state office in an effort to legalize gambling in Tennessee. Meanwhile, Chloe’s new imaginary friend is rubbing Todd the wrong way. For all the details, check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 723, “VOTE FOR CHRISLEY.” 


Faye reads that Tennessee might legalize gambling and she’s like, FINALLYYYYYYYYYY - she’s tired of driving across state lines just to get her casino on. In fact, Faye is so pumped at the idea that she wants to take action, so when Chase suggests she run for state office to push her gambling agenda, she decides that's exactly what she’s going to do. Chase tells her he was only joking, but then he catches visions of himself as a political mastermind and does a complete 180, throwing his hat into the ring as her campaign manager. 


Chloe has herself an imaginary friend, a six foot purple cat named Breakfast! Julie certainly likes the idea of a friend who doesn’t make a mess and eat all of their food, but Todd isn’t into the whole imaginary friend thing; frankly, he thinks it’s weird. Aiming to save Chloe from a future of eating alone in the school cafeteria, Todd buys Chloe a giant stuffed bear that he hopes will take the place of Breakfast (Julie wants to know why he thinks it would be any less weird for Chloe to be talking to a stuffed bear). Either way, it doesn’t work, and Julie starts to think Todd is the real weirdo here. 


Chase goes all in on merch, posters and a catchy slogan - Bet on Chrisley! - to kick Faye’s campaign into high gear. Todd is skeptical that a conservative state like Tennessee would ever legalize gambling, but Faye is fired up and she’s ready to take her message to the people. She soon gets her chance when Chase lines up a radio interview for Faye to promote her upcoming campaign rally. Faye happily stumps for her cause on the air, but she doesn’t really have much to say about education or minimum wage (as she tells the host, she’s a one issue candidate), and when she nearly forgets to plug the rally, Chase starts to realize that they may be in over their heads. 


Todd complains to his mama about Chloe’s imaginary friend, but she just tells him to hush - he had an imaginary friend, after all. Todd doesn’t believe it, and anyway he’s just trying to make sure Chloe is going to be one of the cool kids when she gets older. Faye tells him he wasn’t so cool in school, and that he needs to stop worrying about it and just let Chloe be Chloe. Todd realizes he can’t beat ‘em so he might as well join ‘em, and he sets up a tea party and invites Chloe and Breakfast to have some fun with him.


As the family gathers at the park for Faye’s big campaign rally, Chase gives Nanny some talking points in the hope of avoiding the problems they ran into during the radio interview. But Faye goes off script, and instead of addressing the other issues affecting her friends and neighbors, she doubles down on her passion for legalizing gambling. She then goes off on an equally passionate tangent about people cleaning up after their dogs. (At least she found a second issue!) Todd is actually proud of his mama’s ambition, but he points out that turnout for the rally is a little light. Todd offers her a deal: quit the campaign, and he will help her collect signatures for a petition to get the measure on the ballot. Faye is only too happy to accept, and soon she, Chase and Todd are canvassing the streets and collecting signatures. Bet on Chrisley!

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