Something Old Something Nude
S7 episode 22 Aired on November 7, 2019

Todd and Savannah are running away with the plans for Nic and Savannah’s wedding, and Nic doesn’t like it. Meanwhile, Todd’s blood pressure spikes when Faye reconnects with a free-spirited childhood friend. You don’t want to miss this one! Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 722, “SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NUDE.”


As Todd and Savannah throw themselves into wedding planning mode, Todd is in heaven; he’s definitely not joking when he says he’s been dreaming about this his entire life. But as the plans get more and more elaborate, Nic starts to get uneasy - he and Savannah had discussed something a little more laid back, why is this turning into a royal wedding? Chase tells Nic that he better say something soon, or Todd will run away with the whole event. Nic totally hears him, but he’s also totally a little afraid of upsetting Todd. What’s a groom-to-be to do? 


Faye gets a blast from the past when her free-spirited childhood friend Susie shows up at her house, and before long the two old pals are enjoying a pitcher of mid-day margaritas. Todd isn’t down with Susie’s banjo picking, peace-and-love vibes, but Faye is digging her old pal’s outlook.  However, day drinking gives way to a full-on party and a heck of a hangover the next day. Chase questions whether it’s a good idea for his Nanny to try to keep up with Susie but Faye lets him know that she plans on having a few adventures with Susie while she still can, so Chase just makes her promise not to do anything he wouldn’t do.


Nic finally hits his limit when Todd and Savannah’s guest list threatens to take up every available seat in the wedding venue, and he puts his foot down  - this is his wedding too, and he wants to be heard! Savannah realizes that she has been a little too focused on what she and her dad are into and kind of forgetting to let Nic have a say, so she announces it would be best if she and Nic make the major decisions and loop Todd in after. Well, that doesn’t really fly with Todd, and the more he hears about Nic upending his plans, the less he likes it - how could Savannah choose her fiancé over him to plan the wedding?! Todd lets it be known that his heart is hurt before making a very dramatic exit on his crutches.


Faye jumps into Susie’s old VW bus, and the two head out to a campground to meet some of Susie’s friends. It’s only when Faye spots a fellow camper in his birthday suit that Susie mentions this is a clothing optional kind of affair. Faye decides to roll with it, but she’s keeping her clothes on. Meanwhile, Todd’s spidey sense starts tingling when Chase lets him know that Faye took off on an adventure with Susie. Fearing that his mama has gotten herself mixed up in some sort of hippie business, he and Chase hop in the car and track Faye’s phone deep into the woods. Needless to say, Todd and Chase’s jaws drop at the sight of all the (very saggy) skin on display, and they practically drag Faye out of there. Later, Faye lets them know that she still plans on having a few adventures, but she assures them she will be leaving her clothes on for all of them. 


Caught between Nic and Todd, Savannah goes to her mom for advice. Julie lets her know that weddings are never not going to be stressful, and she just has to figure out how she can find a compromise. Savannah goes to Todd to tell him that she and Nic appreciate his input and they are sorry they hurt his feelings - they want to work together, and they feel they can come to a understanding on a lot of things. Todd feels good about that.