Retail Therapy
S7 episode 21 Aired on October 31, 2019

Good intentions go awry this week, when Faye’s doting over Todd gets in the way of his physical therapy, much to Julie’s annoyance. Meanwhile, Savannah’s desire to break herself out of her girly-girl box leads her to join a football team. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 721, “RETAIL THERAPY.”


Cookware and cleaning supplies - why are all of Savannah’s engagement gifts so domestic?! The idea that people might expect Savannah to turn into a housewife once she gets married is really weirding her out, and she announces that she refuses to be put into a box. Todd is all for his daughter not wanting to be stereotyped. However, a trove of old photos takes Savannah back to her tomboy days before her interest in pageants and fashion, and when Savannah decides to join an intramural football team to nurture her neglected sporty side, Todd has reservations; he’s all for Savannah being multidimensional, he just prefers the dimensions interested in shopping and cosmetics. 


Todd’s leg is out of the cast and in a walking boot, but now the real hard part begins: physical therapy. Faye takes the opportunity to pamper her injured son, and while Julie thinks it’s sweet, she also thinks Faye is letting Todd slide on his PT. Since Todd won’t do his exercises at home, Julie tasks Faye with getting him to the physical therapist’s office to make sure he’s putting in that leg work. But when Todd starts complaining to his mama, she takes pity on her baby and lets him play hooky for the day. Todd and Faye have a grand old time cruising around downtown Nashville on their rascal scooters while they go shopping and share ice cream cones. Sure beats PT!


Savannah’s first team practice has her feeling all kinds of discouraged - it’s not just that she’s a little rusty, she really feels like she has to prove that there is more to her than the girly-girl stuff! Meanwhile, Savannah turns down Todd’s invitation to lunch. It turns out his lack of support is really rubbing her the wrong way. Todd is surprised that Savannah is taking it so hard, so they toss the ol’ pigskin around (definitely not Todd’s wheel house) and have a talk, and he lets her know that just because he’s not into football doesn’t mean he doesn’t support her; he pushed her towards pageants as a kid because he knew she could succeed, never because he wanted to box her in. 


Julie isn’t pleased to hear that Todd and Faye skipped out on the PT appointment. Chase thinks Julie should give them the benefit of the doubt, but Julie just knows they’ve been up to no good and when Todd and Faye arrive home it doesn’t take much for them to crumble under questioning. As usual, it’s up to Julie to keep things on track, so the next day she drags Faye along to Todd’s PT appointment so she can see just how important it is for her son to get his therapy. Faye gets the idea pretty quick, but she also lets Julie know, mother to mother, how special her time with Todd was; she just doesn’t get to spend quality time with him the way she used to when Todd was a boy. And while Julie was annoyed, she can certainly understand where Faye is coming from. 


The whole Chrisley clan turns out to cheer Savannah on in her first football game, and Savannah really kills it out there, announcing her presence at QB with a sweet touchdown pass. Nic is proud of his fiancé’s hustle, and Todd is proud that his little girl came to play with a full face of makeup (a girl’s still gotta look good!). Savannah thanks her daddy for coming out to support her, and since gratitude seems to be catching, Todd thanks Julie for making him go to PT. Sounds like a win for the home team!