Mid Summer Night's Faye
S7 episode 20 Aired on October 31, 2019

This week, Nic enlists Chase’s help to cook up a birthday surprise for Savannah, but complications arise when Savannah and Todd get nosey. Meanwhile, Faye’s audition for a role in a community theater production brings out the stage mom in Todd. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 720, “ MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S FAYE”. 


Faye plans to audition for a local community theater production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and she’s kind of hoping Chase will help her prepare (Chase is the actor in the family, apparently). But Todd thinks he’s the one who has the acting game on lock, and he takes it personally when Faye only lands an understudy part - if he had accompanied her to the audition she surely would have landed the starring role! When Faye later learns that she’ll be stepping in when one of the actors gets injured, Todd takes the opportunity to stick his nose in and go full on stage mom, and pretty soon Faye’s part is bigger and her lines are tripled - whether she likes it or not.


Nic has big plans bubbling for Savannah’s upcoming birthday - he wants to surprise her with a hot air balloon ride! The thing is, Nic knows Savannah is going to try to sniff out whatever he has planned, so he enlists Chase to send him a cover text with decoy information about a party they are (not really) planning, just to throw her off the scent. As Nic suspected, Savannah snoops in his phone and finds the text, but Nic doesn’t count on the text triggering Savannah’s perfectionist side. See, Savannah thinks Nic and Chase’s party planning won’t be up to her level, and Todd’s not good with it either, so the two of them decide to pay a visit to the venue to make sure the party is going according to plan - their plan. 


Figuring his mama is on the verge of her big break, Todd lets his own forgotten dreams of movie stardom get the better of him and subjects Faye to an uncompromising rehearsal process. But Faye has no desire for the spotlight - just thinking about her lines is making her nauseous and Todd’s overbearing “encouragement” is only making her more flustered. Faye finally draws the line when Todd tries to get method with it, but luckily Chase steps in and takes his Nanny through some breathing exercises that put Faye in a calm, collected place.


Savannah and Todd wind up loving the guys’ choice of party venue, but their delight turns to anxiety when they learn that the space hasn’t actually been reserved - what’s going on?! Todd promises to get to the bottom of things and confronts Nic and Chase about the party. The guys are psyched that their little decoy play worked, until Todd informs them that it backfired because Savannah is freaked that her birthday is going to be a dud. Nic is a little weirded out that Savannah and Todd were that nosey (welcome to the family, Nic!), and his plans for the balloon ride eventually come out. Todd is actually impressed and promises not to spill the beans (and he advises Nic to come straight to him with stuff like this in the future). Todd is true to his word, and Nic’s balloon surprise goes off without a hitch - Savannah loves it! Birthday win!


The day of the show arrives and Todd is super nervous for his mama. The play begins and eventually Faye makes her entrance. Will she remember her lines? Faye takes a minute to get going, but once her instincts kick in she nails it. It’s a real rush for Faye, who is proud to be trying something new at her age. And Todd is so proud of his mama, too! After the show he apologizes for being so overbearing (he just can’t help himself sometimes). A star is born, y’all!