S7 episode 2 Aired on May 28, 2019

Chloe’s first slumber party has Todd searching for a place to hide. Meanwhile, Grayson plays exterminator when Nanny Faye finds a rat. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 702, “Rugrats.”

Faye Has a Furry Friend

Faye spies a rat in her house and she freaks -- Faye hates rats. Todd can’t help but laugh, but Faye’s fear of rodents is very real, and she has Frances bring in a gang of cats to take care of the pest problem. The only things the cats catch are some z’s, though, and Todd gets one look at the house full of napping cats he realizes he’d better step in and find a solution before Faye goes over the edge.

Chloe’s First Slumber Party

Chloe is set on having a slumber party and Savannah is pumped to make her dream come true (Savannah never got to have slumber parties because Todd couldn’t stand strange kids in his house). Julie isn’t so sure (again, Todd doesn’t like strange kids in his house), but Chloe’s enthusiasm is too much for her to resist and she starts the planning. Needless to say, Todd doesn’t like the idea one bit (the thought of all those kids makes him itch), but the ladies tell him to hush -- this is happening whether he likes it or not.

Rat Problem Resolved!

Todd brings Grayson in to build a rat trap, but the humane option he constructs looks like a mouse amusement park to Todd. Nanny baits the trap with a full country-fried steak dinner (she assumes her rat has sophisticated taste), and she and Frances settle in for a boozy night on rat watch, with Grayson keeping watch over the trap AND his grandmother. Grayson’s trap works! He catches the rat without killing the cute little guy, and they release it into the wild.

Todd’s Slumber Party Nightmare

The sleeping bags are arranged and the unicorn cakes are set out -- it’s time to get Chloe’s slumber party started! Todd retreats to his bedroom to wait out the storm, but no place is safe; a gaggle of Chloe’s screaming friends soon invade Todd’s sanctuary and launch a pillow attack. Julie pleads with Todd to join the fun and makes some memories (Chloe’s only five once), but Todd digs in his heels and frowns harder. Luckily, Savannah comes up with a solution that makes everyone happy by turning the party into a spa party. The girls have fun relaxing with cucumber masks, and Todd enjoys the peace and quiet. Maybe slumber parties aren’t so bad, Todd!

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