Bummer Camp
S7 episode 19 Aired on October 24, 2019

Hey Fanmily, it’s another day and another dollar as Faye turns to Chase for help raising big bucks for her favorite dog charity. Meanwhile, Todd’s bad attitude threatens to ruin Chloe first big camping trip. For the full low down, check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 719, “BUMMER CAMP.”


Todd is nursing a broken leg and feeling pretty crabby about it, but Chloe’s recent habit of repeating everything he says is lifting his spirits. Meanwhile, Julie and Chloe have been invited to go camping with some friends and they’re super excited for the trip.  Even though Todd doesn’t have to go, he’s still a negative Nancy about it (he’s never thought the great outdoors was so great). However, Chloe starts mimicking Todd’s rude ‘tude and pretty soon she’s soured toward the whole trip. Julie gets angry, and tells Todd that he’s going to make it right by joining their camping outing to help Chloe get excited again. 


Faye is selling chocolate bars to raise money for her favorite dog rescue organization, and she wants Chase’s help. Whoever can bring in the most money will get their dog’s picture placed prominently on the organization’s promotional materials, and Faye thinks Miley would sure look nice on a key chain. Being a good Ride-or-Die, Chase agrees to help his Nanny, and they set out on the golf cart to peddle candy bars to the kids of the neighborhood. However, it quickly becomes clear that the kids would rather have ice cream than chocolate. Faye decides to switch gears and asks Todd if he’ll pledge to triple whatever she makes. Todd agrees, figuring his mama isn’t going to sell more than a few bars.


Todd, Julie and Chloe spend a beautiful day at the campsite, but while everyone else is having fun all Todd can do is complain. After listening to Todd bitch for way too long about all the sweat and bugs, Julie finally puts her foot down and tells Todd his bad attitude isn’t going to fly. She wants Chloe to have a good experience, and the only way that is going to happen is if Todd sucks it up and turns his frown upside down. Todd realizes that, with his granddaughter hanging on his every word, he needs to be a better role model so he throws himself into making s’mores and telling scary stories around the camp fire. And while some of his botched plastic surgery stories don’t really land, Chloe still has a good time and even Todd has a smile or two.


Chase and Faye get strategic and head to the dog park, figuring a high traffic area filled with dog lovers will equal big sales. Chase is extra committed to making sure that Todd will have to match a big number, so he asks his friend Elliott to dress in a dog suit to drum up extra interest. It isn’t long before Faye starts raking it in, and her dream of seeing Miley on the key chain starts to look more and more like a reality. When the day of the rescue organization’s adoption drive rolls around, Faye is announced as the biggest fundraiser. Looks like Miley’s going to be on a lot of key chains, and Todd is going to have to dig deep into his pocket for this one!