Chickening Out
S7 episode 18 Aired on October 24, 2019

The Chrisleys are going to the birds this week when Faye tries to raise chickens! Meanwhile, Chase and Savannah try to help their dad get over his claustrophobia, whether Todd likes it or not. We’ve got all the details in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 718, “CHICKENING OUT.” 


Todd’s issues with claustrophobia have always meant that the rest of the family has had to suffer. Well, Julie has finally had enough - why should she have to climb the eight flights to her doctor’s office just because Todd won’t get in the elevator? Chase and Savannah offer to help Todd cure his fear with some immersion therapy, and while Todd is against subjecting himself to unnecessary torture, Julie makes it clear that he really doesn’t have a choice. Looks like Todd’s getting cured, y’all! 


Faye’s decided to raise chickens in her backyard; she can make some good money selling eggs, and besides, she just loves those birds. But Todd has always been icked out by barnyard animals, and he’s worried the clucking will disturb the neighbors. He tells Nanny the coop’s got to go. Faye doesn’t want to get rid of her chickens - they’re not causing any trouble, and she’s already named them - and when someone from the HOA comes knocking, she worries that Todd dropped a dime on her. But Chase promises that nothing bad will come of Nanny OR her chickens, at least not if he can help it.


Chase and Savannah begin Todd’s immersion therapy, but after riding through a car wash and being locked in the trunk of a car, the only thing thats been cured is Todd’s need to be around his kids. Julie thinks it might be time to call in a professional, and while Todd takes a pass on psychotherapy, he grudgingly agrees to try hypnosis when he learns Oprah’s into it (Todd loves him some Oprah). It quickly becomes clear, though, that Todd won’t take the session seriously - Todd’s gonna be Todd and claustrophobia is just part of the package. But he appreciates that his family is trying to help, and to show his appreciation Todd locks Chase and Savannah in his closet for a little immersion therapy payback. Yup, Todd’s definitely gonna be Todd.


Faye and Chase hatch a plan to let her chickens graze around the neighborhood - all the better to avoid the HOA. The idea is to put the chickens in the back of Faye’s golf cart and then cruise the neighborhood looking for a patch of grass, but after nearly getting busted by her friendly neighborhood security guard she decides the stress isn’t worth it anymore. In the end, Todd finds a nice farm that is eager to have Faye’s chickens, and Faye is happy to see her chickens make friends quickly. Seems like a win-win!