Driving Ms. Faye
S7 episode 17 Aired on October 17, 2019

This week, Todd’s obsession with getting Chloe into an elite new school starts to run Julie and Chloe the wrong way. Meanwhile, Faye worries she’s going to lose her license if she doesn’t pass her upcoming driving test. It’s all here in our guide to Chirsley Knows Best episode 717, “DRIVING MS. FAYE.”


Todd gets a tip about an elite new school in town, and suddenly he’s worried that Chloe’s entire educational future hinges on her getting in. Julie thinks that Chloe’s current school is plenty good, but Todd goes ahead and pulls strings to get Chloe an interview anyway and then starts pumping Chloe up about the new school until she’s practically begging to go. Julie tries to manage everyone’s expectations; if the new school is meant to be then it is meant to be. But Todd isn’t hearing that, and he starts prepping Chloe for the interview by feeding her the answers he thinks the admissions people will want to hear and basically piling on the pressure.


A run in with some garbage cans leaves the side of Faye’s car scratched up, and Faye swears Chase to secrecy while she tries to cover up the evidence. But Todd is tipped off by someone at the body shop (Todd has spies everywhere!), and he lets her know that her latest in a growing line of fender benders has him worried; if she doesn’t pass her upcoming driving test, she may not be behind the wheel for much longer. Faye wants her son to stay out of her business, but Todd needs her to understand just how serious the situation is, so he takes her for a ride on the senior shuttle bus to show her what her life will be like without a car of her own. Faye doesn’t like it one bit, and she assures Todd that she’s going to pass the test with flying colors.


The day of the interview arrives and Todd is on pins and needles  - he’s been trying to make sure everything goes according to plan (apparently, he even tried to grease some palms at the admissions office with free Faith Hill tickets, much to Julie’s annoyance) but now the moment of truth is here. But all of Todd’s intensity starts to make Chloe nervous, so Julie has to step in and lighten things up in order to stop Todd from sinking the ship. Julie’s joking helps put Chloe in a good mood as she walks into the interview, but that doesn’t stop Todd from shouting answers at his granddaughter until the door closes behind her.


Faye drafts Chase, Savannah and Grayson to help her study for the written exam portion of her driving test, and while it doesn’t go that well - Chase and Savannah aren;t exactly experts in the driving department - she ends up passing without a hitch. That just leaves the actual driving portion of the test. As if there isn’t enough pressure, Todd decides to drive behind Faye and mess with her while she’s trying to concentrate! Not cool, Todd. Nanny shows nerves of steel though, and despite one little concentration slip she manages to pass. Way to go, Faye!


An envelope from the school arrives a few days later, and it doesn’t have the news Todd wanted to hear: the school loved Chloe, but the class is full. Todd is furious that they let Chloe interview if they knew they weren’t going to accept her, but Julie points out that they only granted the interview because Todd wouldn’t take no for an answer. And now, since he got Chloe’s hopes up, he is going to have to be the one to let her down. Todd steels his nerve to break the bad news, but it turns out that Chloe doesn’t care! She only said she wanted to get in because she could that Todd felt so strongly about it. Todd realizes that he needs to think a little more about Chloe’s needs and a little less about his own goals in the future.

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