Are You There Todd? It's Me Grayson
S7 episode 16 Aired on October 17, 2019

Big things are popping off at the Chrisley house this week, as Todd tries to usher his baby boy Grayson into manhood. Meanwhile, Chase worries when Faye becomes obsessed with prepping for doomsday. We’ve got all the details right here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 716, “ARE YOU THERE, TODD? IT’S ME, GRAYSON.”


Savannah and Chase find Grayson working out some serious aggression on a punching bag in the garage and realize he’s going through “the change” - puberty has finally come for little Grayson! Julie is not happy to hear the news (she’s not ready for her baby to become a man!), but Todd declares his intention to begin Grayson’s initiation into manhood immediately. The way he sees it, they only have a small window to cram all the important info in before Grayson stops listening to them, and he’ll be damned if he makes the same mistakes he made with his other kids.


A tornado warning has Faye worried that the end times are coming and her family isn’t properly equipped to weather a rain storm let a alone armageddon. Todd takes Faye to check out Jay Demarcus’ emergency bunker, thinking it might show her how crazy she’s being. Jay is only too happy to give them a tour, but while Julie and Todd roll their eyes as Jay shows them around his stockpiles of machetes and first aid kits, Faye is taking careful notes and coming up with her doomsday wish list.


Todd tries to teach Grayson the art of manliness. First up is a crash course on shaving, but Todd’s lecture on manscaping goes over Grayson’s head. Next, Todd tries to teach Grayson the finer points of driving by making him pilot a golf cart through an obstacle course, but Grayson treats it more like a carnival ride, much to Todd’s annoyance. Todd becomes frustrated that his boy is resisting all of the wisdom he’s sharing, but Julie tells him Grayson can’t be ushered into manhood all at once; it’s going to take some time. Todd and Julie decide to just talk to their son, and let him know that if any questions come up he can always come to them.


Faye takes Chase to the army navy store to shop for the necessaries on her doomsday prep list. Chase thinks it’s mostly harmless fun as they pile flashlights and hazmat suits into their basket (he draws a hard line at hand grenades), but when Nanny later buys an old beat up truck that she plans to turn into her apocalypse mobile Chase starts to worry that it’s not so harmless anymore. In over his head, Chase calls his dad in the hopes that he can put a stop to Faye’s doomsday madness. But Todd takes a look at the bunker Faye has created in her guest bedroom and decides it’s not worth a fight; if prepping for doomsday makes his mama happy, well, then he’s happy to keep his nose out of it and let Chase deal with the crazy.