Tattoo You
S7 episode 15 Aired on October 10, 2019

You’ve heard of girls gone wild, but grannies gone wild? This week, Faye takes some drastic measures to teach Todd a lesson about overstepping his bounds. Meanwhile, Julie becomes obsessed with winning a chili cook off. We’ve got all the details right here in our rundown of Chirsley Knows Best episode 715, “TATTOO YOU.” 


First Todd shows up at Faye’s house and gives her a hard time about her spending (like it’s his money!). Then Todd puts a freeze on Faye’s account, which she learns the hard way when her card gets declined at breakfast. Faye is used to Todd’s controlling ways, but this is one step too far - Todd may think he’s protecting his mama but what he’s really doing is driving her crazy! Faye decides it’s time to teach her overbearing son a lesson in minding his own business, and she turns to her ride-or-die, Chase, for help cooking up the ultimate revenge plot.


Todd, Julie and Faye pay a Thank You visit to the firemen who recently saved Miley, and when Julie learns the firehouse will be holding their annual chili cook off she decides she’s in it to win it. Todd thinks Julie’s tried and true recipe will blow away the competition, but the prospect of going up against a three time cook off champion has Julie’s competitive juices flowing, and she starts tinkering with exotic pepper varieties and flavor boosters (chocolate, anyone?) in an effort to whip up a recipe that will really wow the judges.


Faye and Chase know Todd’s delicate sensibilities can’t handle anything he deems trashy, so Faye gets a very real-looking fake tattoo of a big red heart framing the name of her late husband. Later, Faye reveals her new ink and tells her overbearing son she’s tired of being controlled - it’s her life and she can do what she wants! Unsurprisingly, Todd is aghast; to him, this only proves that his mama needs his steady hand on the wheel. Todd stews all day, but Chase tells him to pump the brakes and put himself in Faye’s shoes - when Todd gets to be Faye’s age, is he going to want Chase and Savannah micromanaging his life? Todd definitely can’t argue that point, so he heads to Faye’s house and apologizes to Faye for being so overbearing. However, he still thinks the tattoo is evidence that his mama can’t have complete independence. That’s when Faye reveals that the tattoo is fake. At that point, all Todd can do is throw up his hands - no matter how hard he tries to keep her penned in, Faye’s gonna be Faye.


Julie becomes obsessed with taking home the trophy, but when her tinkering keeps her up until two in the morning working out the kinks of a decidedly just ok new chili recipe Todd decides he needs to draw the line. Todd tells Julie to leave the chocolates in the candy aisle and just make the recipe she’s perfected over the past twenty years - if she puts her heart and soul into it, everyone will taste it. Julie realizes she needs to stop chasing perfection and just go with what she knows. They day of the cook off arrives, and while Julie is nervous her cooking shines through, and she walks away with a very respectable second place (knocking the three time champ back to third)! Go Julie!

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