You Can't Handle the Tooth!
S7 episode 14 Aired on October 10, 2019

This week, Chloe’s tooth fairy windfall puts Todd in the hot seat with Julie. Meanwhile, Julie is missing a cookbook. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 714, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TOOTH.”


Chloe’s loose tooth has her dreaming of a big payday, but when tooth fairy Todd leaves $120 under Chloe’s pillow, Julie thinks he’s gone too far. Todd won’t take the money back, so Julie insists he do the next best thing – take Chloe to the bank so she can deposit her fat stacks into savings. But Todd doesn’t want to jeopardize his fun grandpa status, so he kind of drops the ball and takes Chloe to the carnival instead. Julie is forced to once again be the responsible grandparent, a role she is getting tired of playing.


Todd orders his kids to go find a lost cookbook, much to everyone’s frustration. However, Savannah finds the cookbook in Faye’s house! Faye sheepishly apologizes; she swears she didn’t realize she had taken it. Julie graciously accepts her apology, since she’s just happy the cookbook was found. And Todd is just happy to be out of the middle. 


Todd is annoyed that Julie is taking the fun out of hanging with Chloe - he was already a dad to five kids, it’s his time to be cool grandpa now! Savannah points out that he can still do that stuff, but he also needs to strike a balance if he’s going to make it fair for Julie. Todd realizes that if he wants to do right by Chloe (and Julie), then he needs to be a hard ass every now and again, and he takes responsibility for getting Chloe to the bank.

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