Pipe Dreams
S7 episode 13 Aired on October 3, 2019

Todd invites Faye to stay while her apartment is renovated, but Todd has trouble being a good host to his mama. Meanwhile, Savannah asks for Chase’s help with a charitable cause, but Chase spends more time flirting than lending a hand. Get the full story with our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 713, “PIPE DREAMS.”


Faye’s apartment got flooded, and with half her place under construction Todd invites his mama to come live with him. Faye is hesitant - Todd can be a little, shall we say, inflexible when it comes to his living space, and staying with him hasn’t worked out so well in the past. Todd assures his mama that she and Miley are 100% welcome to stay with him. However, Todd feels a twinge of regret when Faye arrives with all her stuff, including cannabis oil (Miley’s medicine) and a travel bar (Faye’s medicine). The little twinge starts to grow when Faye’s exercise routine disrupts Todd’s work schedule, and it goes full blown super nova when Todd sees dog pee on his precious rug.


Savannah decides to donate her old pageant gowns to a dress drive so she can help make girls’ prom dreams come true, and Chase gets roped into helping with some of the grunt work. Chase doesn’t make for a very motivated worker, but his attitude changes when Savannah’s hot friends show up to lend a hand. Suddenly Chase is stepping lively and putting his back into the job (and spitting every game he can think of, much to Savannah’s annoyance). Of course, when the girl’s leave, so does Chase’s motivation. Irritated, Savannah tells Chase to beat it - she can handle the job on her own.


In an effort to reclaim his house, Todd decides to take Miley to doggie daycare - that way he can at least get the thought of doggie pee pee out of his head long enough to get a little work done. Unfortunately, he neglects to tell Faye, who nearly drives herself to tears thinking Miley is lost. Faye is furious when she learns the truth, and Julie tells Todd that he’s taken things too far. Todd can see that maybe a little compromise is in order, and he apologizes to his mama for taking Miley away without asking first; he would never do anything to hurt the dog his mother loves so much. Eventually Todd and Faye come to an understanding.


Julie has a talk with her son about being charitable, and Chase realizes that it’s more important to help his sister than collect phone numbers. Meanwhile, the dress drive is in full swing and Savannah is getting a kick out of seeing her old dresses put a smile on so many girls’ faces. She’s a little less excited when she sees her brother walk through the door, but she becomes more receptive when he apologizes and offers to help in any way possible - he can’t promise to cut out the flirting completely (player’s gotta play), but he promises to prioritize the task at hand.