Kick the Bucket
S7 episode 12 Aired on October 3, 2019

The Chrisleys are back! This week, Todd suffers from delusions of photography grandeur when he decides to take Chloe’s school picture. Meanwhile, the family helps Faye complete her bucket list before her 75th birthday, but the thought of his mama’s mortality puts Todd’s stomach in a twist. It’s all here in our guide to episode 712, “KICK THE BUCKET.”


Faye’s 75th birthday is coming up, and her b-day wish is to check off her bucket list! Todd didn’t even know his mama had a bucket list, but Faye assures him it’s nothing too crazy. First on her list is getting the family to let their hair down, so she takes them to a western saloon to ride the mechanical bull. Second, she takes Julie out to shoot a little pool (turns out Julie’s a certified pool shark!) and lets her daughter-in-law know just how much she has meant to her for all these years. Next up is rock climbing, so she drags Chase and Todd to the climbing gym. Chase attempts the climb first and scales the wall with ease, but Todd balks when it’s his turn and walks out in a huff, leaving Chase and Faye wondering what got under his skin. 


Chloe’s picture day is coming up, but Todd wasn’t too happy with how her school photo turned out last year and thinks he can do better. Julie thinks he should leave it to the professionals, which Todd takes as her blessing to do it his way. Todd rents out a studio and Chloe strikes a pose, while Chase works the lighting, holds the bounce boards, and basically does everything else. But while Todd may think he’s got what it takes to point and shoot, the results tells a different story: everything comes out blurry! It pains Todd to do it, but he has to ask Chase to step behind the camera and do a reshoot. Chase, naturally, milks every moment of his father coming to ask him for help.


Faye follows her son out to the parking lot to see what’s gotten into him. It turns out, all this talk about bucket lists has Todd thinking about the day his mama actually shuffles off this mortal coil, and he doesn’t like it one bit! Faye assures Todd that she’ll be there for him until her dying day; until then, they should enjoy every moment that they can. Later at Faye’s birthday dinner, Todd toasts his mother and thanks her for being an amazing presence in all their lives. In turn, Faye thanks everyone for helping her complete her bucket list, and realizes she has to come up with a new list. Maybe Vegas is in the cards?


Chase confidently lets Todd know he has the school photo in the bag, but the truth is that the pressure is on. Chase ups the ante by renting a bunch of puppies for the shoot, figuring a picture of Chloe frolicking with a bunch of happy pups in the yard will be ten time better than some studio glamour shot. Chase starts to regret his decision a little when the puppies start running wild, but he gets the shot in the end. Todd and Julie love the pictures (they’re in focus!). Chase, naturally, milks every moment of Todd’s “thank you”.