What Not To Swear
S7 episode 10 Aired on July 23, 2019

Julie embarks on a crusade to clean up the family’s foul language. Meanwhile, Todd tries to get involved with his mama’s basketball team, much to Chase and Faye’s annoyance. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 710, “What Not To Swear.”


The Chrisleys are shocked when Chloe drops an S-bomb during lunch one day, but they’re not exactly surprised; the family’s language has always been salty, and Todd is the worst offender of all, so it’s no wonder that Chloe is following suit. Julie isn’t ready to let her little Chlo-bug become a heathen though, and she puts her foot down - the Chrisleys are done with dirty words. But when the swear jar doesn’t do the trick, Julie institutes a very Chrisley type of anti-cussing system: every time someone curses, she’s taking something from their closet and donating it to charity. That should whip them into shape.


Todd is annoyed that his mama chose Chase to manage her basketball team instead of him; never mind that Todd doesn’t know a thing about basketball! Chase warily tells his dad that he can come to a team practice as long as he can keep his mouth shut. But Todd can’t stand to keep quiet, and after he winds up insulting the players and aggravating the coach Chase wisely relegates him to water boy duty to keep him out of trouble. Things only get worse when he shows up to the team’s first game and grabs the microphone from Chase to try his hand at announcing. Todd ends up annoying everyone with his running commentary of the players’ fashion choices, and Faye eventually kicks him out and bans him from all future games. 


Worried they might lose the shirts off their backs, Chase and Todd try whacking a giant piñata to get their frustration out and curb their cursing problem. It works! Well, only for a little while; it isn’t long before Todd is cursing a blue streak again and Julie is raiding his closet for charitable donations. But Todd is only willing to watch his wardrobe walk out the door for so long before he puts his own foot down, and he institutes a new approach - they’ll sit Chloe down and explain that she should do as they say and not as they do, and he will do his best to keep his language clean. Here’s to hoping!


Banishment hits Todd pretty hard, so Julie asks Faye and Chase to give him one more chance. Faye and Chase take pity on Todd and put their heads together to come up with the perfect role that combines his love of coordinated outfits with being the center of attention - cheerleading! Todd arrives at the next game in team colors and cheers his heart out with the rest of the squad. Todd loves having all eyes on him, and Faye and Chase love that they can finally get back to basketball. Gooooooooo team!