S7 episode 1 Aired on May 28, 2019

A surprising visit to the doctor leaves Todd scrambling to maintain his delicate grip on manhood. Meanwhile, Nanny Faye helps Grayson turn a telephone tragedy into a business opportunity. It’s all here in our guide to the Season 7 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best (701), “Man-O-Pause.”

Low “T” Terror

A visit to the doctor yields a devastating diagnosis: Todd’s got low T! Okay, so he’s low testosterone -- not exactly life-threatening. Todd will just have to start taking steroids to get his numbers back up; no big deal. But that doesn’t stop Todd from laying on the drama as he contemplates a future where he might have to… what, pee sitting down? The family doesn’t have much compassion for Todd’s plight and things only get worse when Todd starts obsessing over stray chest hairs and wearing slimming “gentlemen’s garments” (it’s called a girdle, Todd) to combat steroid bloat.

Broken Phone Blues

While Todd has all THAT going on, Grayson is living through a nightmare of his own -- he broke his phone! Todd and Julie have very little sympathy, though; Gray has already broken two phones and Todd will be damned if they are going to replace this one. If Grayson wants a new phone, he’s going to have to earn it through manual labor, and he can start with washing the cars. Grayson isn’t looking forward to getting his hands dirty, but opportunity soon comes knocking when one of the neighbors hires Gray to wash her car too. Before you can say “side hustle,” Grayson and Faye have a legitimate business going.

Second Opinion

Todd is furious that Grayson turned his punishment into a money-making scheme…in fact, Todd seems to be furious about every little thing. Is it ‘roid rage? Julie wants to know what the heck is going on and takes Todd to a new doctor for a second opinion. Turns out there’s nothing wrong with his testosterone levels; he’s still strong like bull. There’s also no chance that the steroids are turning Todd into a rage monster in such a short amount of time. Most likely, that’s just Todd being Todd. His manhood secure once more, Todd realizes that he’s actually proud of Grayson for his ambition. And hey, at least it was an honest hustle!

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