Panic At The Pageant
S6 episode 9 Aired on June 26, 2018

The pressure is on when the Chrisleys head to Tampa to produce the Miss Florida USA pageant, but Todd can’t keep his focus where it needs to be. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 609, “Panic At The Pageant.”

The Chrisleys are headed to Tampa as the new directors of the Miss Florida USA pageant. Todd and Julie are super excited, but also a little stressed - they’ve been to hundreds of pageants but this is the first one they will produce, and there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it! It’s going to be all Chrisley hands on deck for this one!

While Todd, Julie and Savannah deal with the big stuff like talking with the girls and tech run-throughs, Chase is sent to the store to shop for necessities like tampons and hemorrhoid cream. Chase decides to bring Grayson along to buy all the things he’s too embarrassed to ask for (like the tampons and the hemorrhoid cream). Meanwhile, Faye hits it big at the casino and decides to celebrate by buying herself a diamond ring at the pawn shop, but Todd suspects his mother got ripped off.

Todd becomes fixated on proving his mother got scammed but Julie wishes he would just focus on the work they need to accomplish. Faye doesn’t want to hear it either; all of Todd’s doubting is raining on her parade. But we all know Todd can’t help himself, and he leaves the pageant work to Julie and Savannah and hires a gemologist so he can ambush Faye with an on-the-spot appraisal. It turns out that Todd jewelry instincts were correct: Faye got taken for a ride. His emotional instincts, though?  Not so great. Faye is pissed at him for taking the fun out of her big splurge, and Julie is extra pissed at him for ditching out on the prep work in the lead up to the pageant.

The pageant preliminaries go off without a hitch (Todd and Savannah make for a dynamic hosting duo), but Todd is still in the doghouse with his mama and Julie. Todd may act like an idiot sometimes but he’s no fool, and he finally mends fences with them later that night during the Breast Cancer Awareness dinner. And just in time, because the next night brings the pageant finals! All their hard work pays off and the finals are a smashing success. The family is proud to have produced such a good show, and Todd is proud to see everyone come together as they always do. Congrats, Chrisleys!


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