Top Dog
S6 episode 7 Aired on June 19, 2018

It’s a clash of the canines when Faye and the kids decide to pit Miley against Dixie in a local dog  pageant. Meanwhile, the new generation of parents is rubbing Todd the wrong way, much to Julie’s consternation. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 607, “Top Dog.” 

Julie and Todd Meet the New Generation of Parents

Julie’s recently expanded role in raising Chloe has her thinking she wants to become more active in the neighborhood parent group -- things have changed since the last time she and Todd brought up a five year old, and she wants to see how the new generation is doing it! She’s offered to help organize the upcoming art fair for Chloe and her classmates and she wants Todd to come, too. Parent groups have never really been Todd’s thing, and when the younger parents start talking about participation awards like best sticker placement, it rubs the wrong way against Todd’s winner-take-all mentality. Awards for just showing up? What happened to First Place?! Todd decides to share his feelings on the subject, much to Julie’s embarrassment. 

Dog Vs. Dog

Faye decides to enter Miley into a dog pageant and Chase volunteers Savannah’s help, being that she has so much pageant experience (that would be real pageants, not dog pageants, but whatever). Of course, any talk of competition gets the Chrisley blood going, and before you can say “sit,” Chase and Grayson have decided enter Dixie into the same pageant to prove who is really top dog!  It’s on, y’all! 

Julie Tries to Teach Todd Some New Parenting Tricks

After a good vent session with her friend Allison, Julie sits Todd down for a serious talk. See, she’s worried that they won’t gel with the younger generation of parents this time around, and she wants Todd to soften his attitude a little and maybe open his mind to some new parenting ideas. Todd feels like they shouldn’t be changing their core values just to fit in; he can’t help it if some people can’t handle his truth! But he agrees to try and keep his truth to himself for one night. And you know what? Todd ends up enjoying the art fair! He’s even moved by how happy the children are about their participation awards - but he still thinks Chloe’s work is best, even if there’s no blue ribbon. 

Who Will Be Top Dog?

Chase and Grayson take Dixie to get a super classy makeover, complete with bows and painted nails. Not to be outdone, Savannah and Faye pick out a stunning wardrobe for Miley. As the day of the pageant arrives, the trash talk reaches epic levels. Which dog will reign supreme? Dixie performs pretty well and she looks smashing in her evening wear, but Miley just kind of shakes a lot (she does look super-cute, though). In the end, Dixie takes second place and Miley gets nothing, which Chase is all too happy to lord over his sister.