Hearts and Crafts
S6 episode 6 Aired on June 12, 2018

Savannah and Grayson have their hands full helping their father come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Meanwhile, Chase and Rondell look for a way to save Faye’s Valentine’s Day plans from Todd’s overprotective interfering. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 606, “Hearts and Crafts,” for the full story.

Todd Rains on His Mama’s Valentine’s Parade

Faye and Frances have big plans to cut loose at the local senior center Valentine’s Day dance, but Chase and Rondell’s loose lips carry the word to Todd, and you can bet he’s not letting his mama mix and mingle without a chaperone. Not only that, he’s putting the ladies on a two-drink limit, and he’s got the breathalyzer to keep them honest. Going to the dance with Todd in tow? That sounds about as much fun as watching paint dry. Thanks for spilling the beans, Chase!

Todd’s Valentine’s Day Dilemma

It’s Valentine’s Day, and this year Julie wants something nice and thoughtful, not expensive and over the top. But over the top is Todd’s wheelhouse -- if he can’t throw his wallet at it then what is he going to do?! Luckily, Savannah and Grayson have their daddy’s back, and after steering him away from the jewelry counter, they hatch a plan to help their dad come up with a gift idea that’s homemade and from the heart.

Chase Makes It Up to His Nanny

Chase and Rondell feel bad about accidentally snitching, so they hatch a plan to convince Todd to let them escort the ladies to the dance instead of him. Luckily, Todd has his hands full with Julie’s Valentine’s Day present so he approves the idea (and agrees to pay Chase and Rondell $150 each, what?!). Of course, Chase and Rondell have no intention of being as strict as Todd, so they let Faye and Frances cut loose and help them beat the breathalyzer. Now that’s love!

Todd’s Valentine Victory

Grayson and Savannah find some gift-making kits online and set up a foolproof Valentine’s Day crafting station for Todd. In fact, the kids get really into making the chocolates and painting the mugs, and Todd is only too happy to let them do all the work and take all the credit. And Julie absolutely loves the homemade gifts! Todd does come clean about who made the chocolates, though, and he has his own gift for Julie: a picture of the two of them from way back when their love was just beginning to blossom. Sounds like a Valentine’s Day win!