Painted Into a Corner
S6 episode 5 Aired on June 5, 2018

Hey, fam! This week, Todd thinks a family portrait would be a real masterpiece, but his nearest and dearest object to the still-life treatment. Meanwhile, Grayson develops a fixation on fire safety. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 605, “Painted Into A Corner.” 

Todd Wants a Family Portrait

The Chrisleys are renovating a new Chrisley Manor in Nashville, and Todd thinks the crowning touch will be a painted family portrait to hang over the mantle. Unfortunately, no one else shares his enthusiasm for commemorating the clan on canvas -- something about posing motionless for hours on end has the rest of the family down on the idea! Of course, we all know it’s Todd’s way or no way, and despite their protest he goes ahead and books a portrait artist to manifest his oh-so-classy vision. 

Grayson Has a Fire Safety Fixation

A small oven fire involving Todd’s pie (stay out of the kitchen, Todd!) sparks a fire safety obsession in Grayson, and Stop, Drop & Roll is only the half of it -- he’s bringing fire blankets, escape ladders, and mandatory family fire drills to the table. It’s kind of sweet, until it’s not anymore; who would have guessed that any child of Todd’s would take things so far over the top? Everyone, obviously. Anyway, Julie sets up a family visit to the local fire station to help put her baby’s mind at ease, and after talking safety tips with a real fire fighter Grayson feels a whole lot better.

Family Portrait Fiasco

Sure enough, the first portrait session is a disaster: Todd can make his family show up, but he can’t make them stand still (or be okay with his hand-selected wardrobe), and the rest of the clan stage a revolt in less than 20 minutes! Todd is furious with his family, but Chase explains that he’s asking too much -- maybe they can compromise with a family photo? Todd doesn’t want to let go of his dream of being immortalized in oil paint but he eventually realizes that he needs to meet his family halfway, so he sets up a photo shoot that feels much more “Chrisley” (and he even lets the gang choose their own wardrobe).