Biddy Battle
S6 episode 4 Aired on May 29, 2018

This week, Frances moves in with Faye - what could go wrong? Meanwhile, Savannah and Chase try to help Grayson break a world record. Check out the full scoop in our rundown for Chrisley Knows Best episode 604, “Biddy Battle.”

Faye’s Getting a Roommate!

Aunt Frances is going to be moving in with Nanny Faye, and Julie, for one, thinks it will be nice for Faye to have a sidekick around. Todd, on the other hand, thinks it will be a disaster, and you know what? He’s kind of right! Because it isn’t long until Frances’ casual approach to cleanliness rubs up against Faye’s control freak tendencies (yes, Faye is a control freak - Todd had to get it from somewhere, right?). Of course, Todd can’t help but stir the pot a little, and before you know it, Frances is taking his advice and talking about moving out. Unfortunately for Todd, she shows up at his door step looking for a place to stay!

Grayson the Record Breaker

Grayson wants to break a world record, and Savannah and Chase have agreed to be his training coaches. Unfortunately, their motivational style relies a little too much on tough love and pranks, and Grayson just winds up feeling frustrated. Exasperated, Julie has to step in with some motherly wisdom: they need to be building their little brother up, not tearing him down! Savannah and Chase apologize, and as a show of support, Savannah even books Grayson some time in front of the Guinness people to make his attempt at putting on the most socks in a minute (yeah, it’s a thing) official. And while Grayson doesn’t even come close to the record, he at least gives it his all, and the family comes out strong in support of their little man. That’s something to celebrate!

Todd and Julie Broker a Truce

Todd isn’t happy about having a new house guest (especially one who asks him to add adult diapers to the shopping list), but Julie has no sympathy; he created this mess and now he has to clean it up. Todd and Julie get Faye and Frances together for peace talks, and it doesn’t take them long to make up. But Frances also feels a little homesick for Atlanta, and they decide it’s best if they remain sisters but end the roommate experiment. Sounds like a good compromise!