A Date with Destiny
S6 episode 3 Aired on May 22, 2018

Chase is single and ready to mingle, but the family has their own ideas about how he should handle his dating life. Meanwhile, Grayson’s search for a musical match drives Todd crazy. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 603, “A Date With Destiny.”

The Family Gets Too Involved in Chase’s Dating Life

Chase is single, and -- after going through an emotional phase involving lying in bed and watching The Notebook -- ready to mingle. Todd and Julie think they know the type of girl their son needs better than he does (cue Todd’s white board), and they plan a surprise lunch date to introduce Chase to the girl they’ve picked for him. Savannah and Faye think Todd is sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong… but they also think they can play matchmaker better than Todd and Julie, and they decide to crash the lunch with their own romantic prospect for Chase. What could go wrong? 

Grayson’s Playing Has Todd Praying

Grayson needs to find an instrument to play, and trial and error is the best way. Unfortunately, just about every instrument he plays ends up sounding like a sick cat, and Todd is reaching the end of his patience. Todd decides to build Grayson a sound proof booth, but Todd and power tools don’t really mix and the booth is a disaster. Luckily, Savannah points out that Grayson has noise-cancelling headphones -- problem solved! Todd uses the headphones to get a little peace, and Grayson decides he’s a trumpet man! 

Chase Teaches the Family a Lesson

Chase shows up to lunch and immediately sniffs out what’s going on, and he’s so embarrassed that he just leaves! Later, Chase tells his family that he’s already seeing someone, and when his dad asks to meet the new girl, Chase is only too happy to oblige. The Chrisleys get one look at Chase’s new girl, Destiny, and their jaws nearly hit the floor -- Chase is dating a stripper! Okay, okay, not really, she’s actually an actress posing as a stripper, but Chase lets his family think he is to teach them a lesson. And that lesson is: let Chase handle his own dating life; he’s doing just fine. And after Todd and Julie recover from the shock, they hear him loud and clear.

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