The Big 50
S6 episode 26 Aired on December 18, 2018

As Todd closes in on 50, he decides to make amends. Meanwhile, Grayson thinks he’s old enough to stay home alone. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 626, “The Big 5-0.” 

Todd’s Got 50 on His Mind

Lord help us, Todd’s turning 50! Not surprisingly, he wants his party to be a huge deal, but he also has more on his mind than seating charts. See, Todd is feeling a little guilty about missing some of his kids’ biggest moments from their childhoods. Faye tells him if he’s feeling like he has amends to make, well then, make ‘em! That way he can start 50 with a clean slate. The kids aren’t sure about this sudden sentimental shift in their dad’s attitude (he’s probably just trying to get up in their business, right?). However, after Todd hits go-karting with Chase and horseback-riding with Savannah, they soften to his message.

Grayson Is Feeling Independent

Grayson thinks he’s old enough to stay home by himself, so Todd decides to throw a little test at his boy to see if he’s really ready. Sorry, did we say test? It’s actually more of a prank (it’s Todd’s birthday; he can do what he wants!), and he ropes the rest of the family into his little plan. Todd and Julie tell Grayson they are going out and leaving him home alone. Then they decamp to a surveillance van on the street and proceed to mess with Grayson, sending in a hired stranger to knock on the door, prank calling, and then shutting off the lights. But things get tense when Grayson calls to say he hurt himself when the lights went out. The family rushes home in a panic, only to find Grayson dancing gleefully in the kitchen -- the pranksters got pranked!

Todd’s Heart Is Full

The night of Todd’s party arrives and Todd is blown away! Not only did Julie put together a great party, but there are so many people there to celebrate with Todd. Each member of the family makes a heartfelt speech, and Jay even sings a little song. Todd looks around the room and realizes how full his life has been. Maybe 50 isn’t so bad -- Happy Birthday, Todd!