Pool's Out For Summer
S6 episode 25 Aired on December 18, 2018

Todd gets himself into trouble when he gifts Chase a home that has already been promised to Savannah. Meanwhile, Julie likes the look of Allison’s new swim instructor. Check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 625, “Pool’s Out for Summer.”

Todd’s Shady Deal

Chase wants to put his house in ATL on the market so he can take a gap year and travel the world discovering new scents for his candle-making business. Todd doesn’t know about all that “gap year” nonsense, but he does think Chase should just relocate to Nashville and build his business the old-fashioned way (with hard work). In fact, Todd promises to give Chase their house when they move out as incentive. How can Chase say no? Of course, what Todd doesn’t tell Chase is that he already promised the house to Savannah. Todd thinks that by the time Chase figures it out he’ll have already sold his Atlanta home and have no choice but to find a new place in Nashville (where Todd can keep a better eye on him). Julie doesn’t like it one bit, but Todd will be Todd.

Julie’s Pool Days

Julie takes Chloe over to Allison and Jay’s house for a little swimming, and she quite likes the sight of the hunky piece of eye candy Allison has hired as a swim instructor for her kids. Pretty soon Julie is bringing Chloe over for swim time on a regular basis, and Faye and Savannah tag along to get in on the action. Of course, once Todd finds out about their ogle fest, he has to go and ruin everything by getting rid of the young hunk and bringing in himself and Nic to take over pool duties. Todd, you ruin everything!

Chase Has Fun with Todd

It isn’t long before Chase learns the truth about the house situation, and he’s furious. But instead of calling Todd out, Faye recommends that Chase give him a taste of his own medicine. Chase is always game to mess with his dad, so he starts moving his stuff in early and generally upending Todd’s carefully arranged house. Todd thinks he can handle the mess if it means getting what he wants… that is, until Chase violates the sanctity of Todd’s sacred space: his closet. Julie must see the steam coming out of Todd’s ears, because she tells Chase that the joke has gone on long enough. Chase lets Todd know that he doesn’t appreciate being lied to, and IF he does decide move Nashville, it’s going to be on his own terms and with his own money. That last bit is music to Todd’s ears; he’s proud of his boy (although he’s still a little annoyed that he messed with his closet).