Lord of the Earrings
S6 episode 22 Aired on December 4, 2018

Hey Fanmily, the indomitable team of Chase and Nanny Faye ride again this week when they go for the gold in Faye’s neighborhood porch competition. Meanwhile, Todd tries to set up a system to keep Julie from losing her jewelry. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best, “Lord of the Earrings.”

Faye and Chase Go for the Gold

Faye’s neighborhood association is holding a porch-decorating contest -- and prizes are on the line. Like any good Chrisley, Nanny Faye has set her sights on winning, and as usual, her partner in crime Chase is along for the ride. Chase and Faye are coming for the crown, y’all! What could go wrong?

Todd’s Jewelry Sign-Out System

Julie’s habit of misplacing her expensive jewelry is driving Todd bonkers, so he sets up a sign-out system to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Todd thinks his new plan is genius, but having to sign in and out every time she wants her bling? Julie really isn’t feeling it.

Victory for Nanny Faye

Faye thinks mixing up a batch of homemade moonshine (!!!) will be just the thing to win over the crowd, but they soon realize bootlegging is complicated business (and no mother of Todd’s is going to be allowed to be the neighborhood distillery, so…). Maybe a song will sway the judges? But Faye can’t really sing, and Chase can’t really play guitar… maybe they’re in over their heads? Chase refuses to lose, though, and he convinces Jay Demarcus to tag in on guitar. With Jay’s help (and a little nip from her bracelet flask), Nanny wows the judges and takes home the blue ribbon. Now that’s the Chrisley way!

Meeting in the Middle

Julie’s tired of being treated like a child, so when she finds her earrings in the pocket of Todd’s dirty jeans (instead of in the jewelry box where they should be), she decides to give Todd a taste of his own medicine. However, it isn’t long before Todd catches on and decides to turn the tables -- you can’t prank the prank king! In the end, Todd and Julie call a truce, and put an end to the sign out system. Good riddance!

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