Restaurant Impossible
S6 episode 19 Aired on November 28, 2018

This week, Chase takes his passion for candles to professional heights. Meanwhile, Todd’s control freak streak is turning Julie’s restaurant dream into a nightmare. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 619, “Restaurant Impossible.”


After years of dreaming, Julie’s closing on a space for her own restaurant! It’s a huge leap for Julie and she can’t wait to bring her vision to life, but Todd’s got a few thoughts on the matter (as usual). Julie doesn’t want to hear it though; this is going to be her restaurant, and she’s calling the shots. Todd agrees to keep his two cents in his pocket, but when Julie’s creative direction rubs Todd the wrong way he goes behind her back to fire her designer and hire someone whose taste is more in line with his own, leaving Julie royally pissed. You just can’t help yourself, can you Todd?


Julie isn’t the only one feeling entrepreneurial; Chase has decided to start his own candle company (we all know Chase loves him some scented candles). And this is going to be strictly a Chase Chrisley joint - as he tells Rondell, he wants to do this without his father’s help. After a quick and dirty candle making class, Chase thinks he’s ready to go into business, and a he sets plans in motion for a pop up shop. However, when he and Rondell hit a production snag, he quickly realizes he’s going to need some backup if he wants to achieve his goal.


Todd tries to smooth things over with his usual “I’m sorry” flowers, but a really big bouquet won’t get him out of the dog house this time - as Julie explains, she needs Todd to understand that the restaurant is her dream and she wants to do it her way. If she needs Todd’s help, well, she’ll ask for it. Todd apologizes for swerving into her lane, and to prove he’s sorry he enlists Savannah, Chase and Faye to help him bring a mini-version of Julie’s original vision to life and give her a taste of what her finished restaurant is going to look like. Julie is touched that Todd went to the trouble (and she’s doubly pleased to see that her dream looks damn good, too).


Now that he sees he can’t do this all on his own, Chase calls in some much needed back up (aka, Julie, Nanny Faye and Savannah), and with all hands on deck they crank out the candles they need in time for the pop up. Go Chrisleys!  The pop up is a big success, and Todd is impressed with his son for pulling it off. Hey, don’t look now, but Chase just might be turning into the business man he’s always told everyone he is!