White Nannies Can't Jump
S6 episode 18 Aired on August 28, 2018

This week, Todd and Julie try their hand at podcasting, while Faye laces up for her first game in a senior basketball league. For the full rundown, check out our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 618, “White Nannies Can’t Jump.”

Todd and Julie Get Into the Podcasting Game

Todd thinks he and Julie have what it takes to start their own parenting podcast -- after all, they’ve got 20+ years of experience under their belt (and Todd sure loves to talk). As usual, Todd is all “go big or go home;” he thinks they need a professional studio, and hey, what about their own theme song?! Julie thinks they should get a little practice under their belt before they get too ambitious, though. But Todd isn’t always a good listener, and when he surprises Julie with vocal coach and then starts piling on harsh criticism, Julie gets fed up and quits.

Faye’s Hoop Dreams (Versus Faye’s Hoop Reality)

Faye tells the kids she’s joining a senior basketball team (Todd doesn’t need to know). Chase and Savannah are excited for their Nanny, but after watching her first practice they all realize that these old ladies come to play and Faye… well, Faye’s a little rusty. Nanny’s going to need some coaching before she’s ready to bang the boards with these ballers.

Todd and Julie Hit ‘Record

Faye suggests that if Todd and Julie want to make the podcast work, they need balance, and Todd can see the wisdom in that. He agrees it will just be the two of them -- no theme songs; no vocal coaches -- and Julie gives the greenlight to record in a real studio. And luckily, they happen to know someone who has a studio of their very own. Finally on the same page, Todd and Julie sit down at Jay and Allison’s home studio to record the first episode of their parenting podcast and it goes really well. Looks like there are some new players in the podcasting game!

Faye Takes It to the Hole

The kids put on a basketball clinic to whip Faye into shape, but things get tense for a moment when Todd walks in and demands to know what the hell is going on. But instead of going all “Todd,” he laughs it off -- he’s proud of his mama! And when game day arrives, the whole family (plus Ronndell) packs the stands to cheer for Faye. It’s a competitive game, but Faye does her best and puts a few points on the board, and -- even though her team doesn’t win -- her whole family is happy for her. Way to go, Faye!

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