Emotionally In-Vested
S6 episode 17 Aired on August 21, 2018

Big things are brewing at the Chrisley house this week, Fanmily. Faye tries to get Miley certified as an emotional support dog, while Todd’s attempt to take Julie out for a nice evening gets messed up by his mouth. We’ve got the full rundown in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 617, “Emotionally In-Vested.” 

Faye’s Dog Dilemma

Faye’s got a big trip to the casino planned, but the hotel’s no-dogs policy is cramping her style. Faye can’t leave the Miley at a kennel (they don’t have the Hallmark Channel, which is Miley’s favorite) and she can’t leave Miley with Todd (because he’s a hater). What’s a dog lover to do? Chase suggests that Faye get Miley registered as an emotional support dog; that way Faye will never have to leave her pooch pal home again! 

Date Night Disaster!

Todd is concerned when he sees Julie purging a lot of nice things from her closet -- he paid for all that stuff! Julie tells him she doesn’t feel comfortable running around in dresses and heels the way she used to, but Todd convinces her that going out for a nice date might remind Julie why she bought all those sexy clothes in the first place. Todd gets off on the wrong foot, however, when he makes a face at Julie’s outfit for the evening, and things only get worse when Todd suggests that she might look good in a red dress they see a younger woman wearing. Todd tries to make it up with some well chosen compliments, but he only winds up putting his foot in his mouth.

More Doggy Difficulty

Chase coaches his Nanny in anticipation of her emotional support interview. All Faye will have to do is convince a doctor that she can’t live without Miley, which shouldn’t be that hard since it’s practically true! But Faye winds up making it sound like Miley is the one with anxiety problems, not her, and her request is denied. With no support dog certification and nowhere to leave Miley, it’s starting to look as if Faye may have to cancel her trip!

Apology Accomplished

Todd tries to dig himself out of last night’s ditch with a gift, but when Julie opens the same red dress that Todd had pointed out the previous evening, she isn’t amused. Nanny Faye knows what’s wrong, and she promises to throw her son a bone if he agrees to let Miley stay with him. What else can Todd say but yes? Faye sets Todd straight: after kids, cancer, and 20 pounds, Julie isn’t feeling at her peak sexiest, and she doesn’t appreciate Todd comparing her to younger women. Todd takes Julie out for a walk and lets her know that even if she may not be feeling her best, she’s still number one in his book.