Say It, Don't Spray It
S6 episode 16 Aired on August 14, 2018

Todd gets worked up when he learns Chase is back with his ex. Meanwhile, Savannah practices her spray-tanning skills on Faye and Julie. It’s all here in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 616, “Say It, Don’t Spray It.”

Spray-Tan Sassy

Savannah wants to learn to do her own spray tan -- all she needs is a willing test subject. Todd says hell to the no, but Faye is okay with sacrificing her body for science. Savannah is super-excited; if this works out she’ll never have to book another tanning appointment again! How hard can it be, anyway? Very, apparently, because Faye ends up looking like a chocolate bar left out in the sun. Whoops! 

“Ex” Issues

Savannah tells Todd that Chase is back with his ex, and Todd is not pleased -- he thinks she drives a wedge between Chase and his family. Julie suggests they talk to Chase about it instead of talking behind his back, but the conversation turns into an argument when Todd gets critical, and Chase walks out. Later, Chase heads to Jay’s house for a guitar lesson but winds up opening up about his issues with his dad. Jay turns out to be a patient listener and gives Chase a few choice words of encouragement. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Savannah invites a real spray-tan artist over to give her some pointers (like adjusting the nozzle to half power). The question is, did Savannah really learn the lesson? Savannah talks Julie into being her next guinea pig, and while the ladies are both little nervous Sassy winds up doing a really good job. Now she just needs to teach Julie to spray, and they can both save a fortune!

Todd and Chase Sweat It Out

Jay tells Todd about his conversation with Chase -- in confidence, mind you. But Todd can’t keep a secret, and when he confronts Chase, things quickly escalate into an argument again. Jay decides these two need to sweat out their issues out with some stair-running. Yes, you read that right -- Jay swears it works! And you know what? After a couple of flights of stairs at the nearby park (only a couple -- Todd’s no spring chicken) the boys end up hashing out their issues. It turns out that it hurt Todd’s feelings when Chase went to Jay with his problems instead of his own father. And Chase feels like Todd is too critical of everything he does. Todd lets Chase know that his choice of girlfriend doesn’t change their love for him, and they hug it out. Stair-running… who knew?!