America's Next Todd Model
S6 episode 15 Aired on August 7, 2018

Faye is named captain of the neighborhood watch, but her newfound power goes to her head. Meanwhile, Todd goes predictably overboard when he is “discovered” by a local modeling scout. We’ve got all the details in our guide to Chrisley Knows Best episode 615, “America’s Next Todd Model.” 

A Star Is Born?

Todd is really feeling himself after he’s approached by a modeling scout on the hunt for fresh talent for a mystery project. Apparently, he did some modeling for a local department store waaaaaay back in ’86, and he’s always felt like he had more to give to this beauty-starved world. Todd doesn’t waste any time getting back into prime modeling shape, investing in some moisturizing gloves and hiring a top modeling coach to help him work on his walk. Savannah thinks her dad might be going teensy bit overboard considering he doesn’t even know what the job might be, but Todd will be Todd!

Faye’s Neighborhood Watch

Faye thinks the local kids have no respect for their elders, and after her brand-new golf cart (thanks, Todd!) gets bumped by an errant ball she decides she’s going to clean up the neighborhood. Todd thinks she’s crazy, but Chase has his Nanny’s back -- as always. However, when Faye gets named captain of the neighborhood watch, Chase starts to worry that she’ll get drunk off the power.

Todd Vs. Age

The day of Todd’s modeling audition arrives, but he’s not pleased when he walks into the casting call and sees that the other hopefuls are all… well… old! Apparently, Todd thought it was still 1986. Anyway, Julie gives her man a pep talk -- she’s been with him for a long time, and he may not be young anymore but he still looks good to her. Julie’s faith is a shot of confidence for Todd, and he kills it at the audition and earns himself a call back. Work it, Todd!

Officer Faye Cleans Up the Streets

Faye and Frances hit the streets, but Faye takes her job a little too seriously and starts harassing a group of kids that are obviously just minding their own business. Luckily, Todd breaks up the situation before it gets out of hand. News travels quickly and it doesn’t take long for the head of the community board to show up and strip Faye of her title. Poor Faye! But he gives her a new job that’s a little more her speed: crossing guard. Todd nominates Chase to be her second in command, since he was the one who encouraged her in the first place, and Faye and Chase have a themselves a good old time directing traffic.